Weird Al Yankovic - Craigslist lyrics (Chinese translation). | Woah, yeah!
, You've got a '65 Chevy Malibu
, With automatic drive
, A custom paint job, too
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Weird Al Yankovic - Craigslist (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Woah, yeah!
ZH: 哇,是的 !

EN: You've got a '65 Chevy Malibu
ZH: 你有 65年雪佛兰 Malibu

EN: With automatic drive
ZH: 与自动驱动器

EN: A custom paint job, too
ZH: 自定义绘制的工作太

EN: I'll trade you for my old wheelbarrow
ZH: 你为我老独轮车换

EN: And a slightly used sombrero
ZH: 和略有使用宽边帽

EN: And I'll even throw in a stapler, if you insist...
ZH: 我甚至会把在一个订书机,如果你坚持......

EN: Craigslist!
ZH: Craigslist !

EN: I'm on Craiglsist, baby, come on!
ZH: 我在 Craiglsist,宝贝,来吧 !

EN: Yeah!
ZH: 是的 !

EN: Well we shared a quick glance
ZH: 好我们共享快速浏览

EN: Saturday at the mall
ZH: 在商场 (星期六)

EN: I never took a chance
ZH: 我从来不一个机会

EN: Never approached you at all
ZH: 从来没有在所有接近你

EN: You were a blonde half-asian with a bad case of gas
ZH: 你是气体的个金发碧眼半亚洲把一个坏

EN: I was wearin' red Speedos and a hockey mask
ZH: 我是戴着红色泳裤和曲棍球面具

EN: Come on, let's find that love connection that we missed
ZH: 来吧,让我们找到那我们错过的爱连接

EN: On Craigslist!
ZH: 在 craigslist 上 !

EN: Yeah, Craigslist, come on!
ZH: 是的 Craigslist,来吧 !

EN: I'm on Craigslist
ZH: 我在 Craigslist 上

EN: Oh, baby, maybe you are too!
ZH: 哦,宝贝,也许你也是 !

EN: Be bom ba chomb cadonk bin bam boo!
ZH: 将 bom ba chomb cadonk bin bam 嘘 !

EN: An open letter to the snotty barista at the Coffee Bean on San Vacente Boulevard:
ZH: 下贱的咖啡师咖啡豆 San Vacente 大道上的一封公开信:

EN: I know there were twenty people behind me in line,
ZH: 我知道有二十人在我后面在行中,

EN: But I was on a cell phone call with my mother.
ZH: 但我与我的母亲是上接了个电话。

EN: Didn't you see me hold up my index finger?
ZH: 你没看到我举起我的食指吗?

EN: That means I'll order my soy decaf hazelnut latte in just a couple minutes.
ZH: 这就意味着我会命令我酱油无咖啡因榛果拿铁只是几分钟。

EN: So what's with the attitude lady?
ZH: 那么到底是什么态度女人?

EN: No tip for you!
ZH: 你没有提示 !

EN: Got a trashcan of Styrofoam peanuts
ZH: 有的保丽龙花生的垃圾桶

EN: You can have 'em for free
ZH: 你可以让他们免费

EN: You can drop by on the weekend
ZH: 您可以拖放周末

EN: And pick 'em up from me
ZH: 和捡起来,从我

EN: But the trashcan ain't part of the deal
ZH: 但垃圾桶内不是交易的一部分

EN: Only givin' you the peanuts, get real!
ZH: 只给你,花生,认清现实吧 !

EN: Don't have no Hefty bag so bring your own,
ZH: 没有袋子所以带你自己的

EN: Don't bug me with questions on the phone
ZH: 别烦我与电话的问题

EN: Don't ask for help, don't waste my time
ZH: 不要问的帮助,不要浪费我的时间

EN: And don't complain, 'cause they won't cost you a dime
ZH: 和不要抱怨,因为他们不会花你一分钱

EN: Just ask yourself:
ZH: 只是问问自己:

EN: Do you want my Styrofoam peanuts?
ZH: 你想要我的保丽龙花生吗?

EN: You can have my Styrofoam peanuts.
ZH: 您可以让我的保丽龙花生。

EN: Do you want my Styrofoam peanuts?
ZH: 你想要我的保丽龙花生吗?

EN: You can have them all.
ZH: 你可以将他们全部。

EN: They're on Craigslist, yeah!
ZH: 他们在 Craigslist,是的 !

EN: Craigslist! Ow, baby come on!
ZH: Craigslist !Ow,宝宝加油了 !

EN: I'm on Craigslist, Craigslist, Craigslist!
ZH: 我在 Craigslist,Craigslist,Craigslist 上 !

EN: I'm on Craigslist, Craigslist, Craigslist now!
ZH: 我现在在 Craigslist,Craigslist,Craigslist 上 !

EN: Craigslist!
ZH: Craigslist !