Weeping Willows - Found lyrics

We took a walk
it was chilly and it was dark
and we talked
yeah, we talked as we walked
you said you've never seen stars like these
never seen a moon so blue
or is it golden?
just like you
just like you.

I've a got a feeling that we've been lost
like flies in someone's soup
like thorns in someone's side
like gum stuck to a shoe
on the streets of this ghost town
blowing 'round for so long
we've been up and we've been down
and now we're found.

You took my hand
your hand feels just like home
I will stay
and we wrote your names in the snow
I hope this feeling never goes away
I'll make a tattoo with your name
I'll bleed for you
and our love
for my love.

I've got a feeling...