We Singing Colors - The Frozen River lyrics

Son walked on the frozen river
Ice broke down beneath his feet and
Drowned, drowned, drowned, drowned

Dogs came out to mourn his passing
From this world to a better place and
Barked, barked, barked, barked

On long winter nights
His body suddenly appears
Crystal and bones sparkle in the water
Sparkle in the water
Ringing his bell
Deep down in the water, deep down in the water

Snowy trails of moose and beaver
Caught my eye and made me shiver
Shiver, shiver, shiver, shiver

They were ending at the river
Scary crows had me for dinner
Dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner

Tell me, what's wrong
Should I ignore the guilt?
Tell me my son
Am I colder than the water, colder than the water
Is this your soul
Sparkling in the water, sparkling in the water?