Wax - Too Loud (Eviction Notice Mixtape) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Hook]
, Yeah, we too louuud
, The police say we way to louuud
, And all the neighbors say we way to...
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Wax - Too Loud (Eviction Notice Mixtape) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: Yeah, we too louuud
ZH: 是的我们太 louuud

EN: The police say we way to louuud
ZH: 警察说我们到 louuud 的方式

EN: And all the neighbors say we way to louuud
ZH: 邻居们都说我们到 louuud 的方式

EN: That's why they trying to get my ass thrown out
ZH: 这就是为什么他们想要把我扔出去

EN: But we don't turn it down, we just crank it up
ZH: 但是我们别关掉它,我们只是摇把

EN: Standing on the roof screaming we don't give a fuck
ZH: 站在屋顶尖叫我们不给他妈

EN: We like this shit loud, we let it bump
ZH: 我们喜欢这样大声,我们让它撞

EN: So if you turn it down you gonna get fucked up
ZH: 所以如果你把你要出事了

EN: [Verse 1]
ZH: [第 1 节]

EN: Yo, I put my speakers to 11 and I set em and forget em'
ZH: 哟,我把我的扬声器放到 11 和我设置 em 和忘记 em'

EN: Fuck the neighbors I ain't like em since the first time that I met em'
ZH: 操邻居我不像 em 以来第一次遇见 em'

EN: And I think I upset em' when I first pulled up
ZH: 我觉得我难过 em' 当我第一次调出了

EN: In the U-Haul truck, with the vol-ume all up
ZH: 在 U 拖拉卡车与 vol ume 起来

EN: That same night they seen me chillin' on my roof all drunk
ZH: 那天晚上他们看见我都喝醉了我屋顶上扫射

EN: Urinatin' in the chimney, Santa Clause forgive me
ZH: Urinatin' 在烟囱中,圣诞老人原谅我

EN: My whole team's straight loud and obnoxious
ZH: 我的整个团队的直接大声和令人讨厌

EN: Cops is at the door at 4 tryin' to stop us
ZH: 警察在门外是在想要阻止我们的 4

EN: You'd think we was holding you hostage
ZH: 你会认为我们抱着你的人质

EN: Over-weight rock chicks, in the kitchen starting up mosh pits
ZH: 过胖的岩石小鸡,在厨房里开始向上跳劲舞坑

EN: No Shake Weights, them hoes just break plates
ZH: 没有动摇的重量,他们锄头就断板

EN: Cooking like 8 steaks, looking like Kathy Bates
ZH: 像 8 牛排烹饪,看上去像 Kathy Bates

EN: Fuck the pretty shit, we a bunch of idiots
ZH: 操美女屎,我们一群白痴

EN: The decibel level go-en make the whole city bitch
ZH: 分贝水平转到 en 使整个城市婊子

EN: I party like I'm filthy rich
ZH: 一缔约方好像我是肮脏的富裕

EN: And if I spend it all tonight I won't feel no guiltiness
ZH: 如果所有过夜我不会感觉到没有愧疚

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: [Verse 2]
ZH: [第 2 节]

EN: (prrrr)
ZH: () prrrr

EN: Suffering Succotash, Wax gotta bunch of cash
ZH: 痛苦遗嘱、 蜡将得一堆的现金

EN: Now I'm the sucker ass, fuckers in the upper class
ZH: 我现在抽屁股,在上层阶级的混蛋

EN: Driving by me in a 350 Benz
ZH: 在 350 奔驰驾驶由我

EN: I'd be in the the front yard in a drunk circle with my hicky friends
ZH: 我会在前面的院子中一个醉酒的圆我 hicky朋友

EN: We coming one with the Earth
ZH: 我们以后的一个与地球

EN: That marijuana nirvana man I've been grungy since birth
ZH: 那大麻涅磐人我一直球衣自出生以来

EN: All that money is worthless if you ain't gonna spend it now
ZH: 所有的钱是不值钱的如果你不打算现在花

EN: And you ain't said shit if you unless you said it louuud
ZH: 如果你不是说屎你除非你说它 louuud

EN: I live fast like the the freaking hare
ZH: 我住快就像变态野兔

EN: I ain't die young yet but I think I'm getting there
ZH: 我还没死年轻,但我想我明白了

EN: Like up in the diction-air-e, by the word rowdy
ZH: 在遣词-空气-e,由 word 吵闹像成立

EN: You gonna see my picture there, chillin' proud-ly
ZH: 你会看到我的照片,套房里自豪 ly

EN: Say it loud like a proud James Brown
ZH: 像骄傲的詹姆斯 · 布朗大声说

EN: Or the Price Is Right announcer when a member of the crowd came down
ZH: 或人群的成员来时的价格是正确的播音员

EN: He got that loud insane sound
ZH: 他得到了那声巨响的疯狂

EN: If you feelin' like I'm feelin' sing it loud right nooow
ZH: 如果你感觉到我感觉到了唱它大声右 nooow

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: [Verse 3]
ZH: [第 3 节]

EN: If you rollin' down the street and you wylin' out to this beat
ZH: 如果你在街上,你出 wylin' 出到这节拍

EN: And you got that shit on repeat immediately you should (TURN IT UP)
ZH: 你有那东西上重复立即你应该 (把它)

EN: If your significant other is bitchin' cuz you're always listenin' to your heavy metal too loud (TURN IT UP)
ZH: 如果你的另一半是狂欢因为你始终是在听你重金属太大声 (轮到它向上)

EN: If you're a musician and you listenin' to yo own shit be proud and play it loud bitch (TURN IT UP)
ZH: 如果你是一位音乐家和你听哟自己屎感到自豪并播放它大声婊子 (轮到它向上)

EN: If you're complainin' and screamin' about what I'm sayin' and meanin' then take this plate of my semen and fuckin' (SLURP IT UP)
ZH: 如果你是 complainin' 和尖叫关于自己在说什么 ' 和老友然后拿这盘的我的精液和他妈的 (吃它向上)