Wax - Guess Who (feat. Dumbfoundead) (Eviction Notice Mixtape) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Wax]
, All the fellas go ape shit, when I spit the boiling heat
, Plus I put it down for the ladies...

Wax - Guess Who (feat. Dumbfoundead) (Eviction Notice Mixtape) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Wax]
ZH: [蜡]

EN: All the fellas go ape shit, when I spit the boiling heat
ZH: 所有的伙计去模仿狗屎,当我吐沸腾传热

EN: Plus I put it down for the ladies like a toilet seat
ZH: 再加上我把它放在马桶座像女士

EN: I destroy the beat, the one that E created
ZH: 我毁灭节拍,那个 E 创建

EN: Then we do a high five and get inebriated
ZH: 然后我们做高五并获得喝醉

EN: [Dumbfoundead]
ZH: [] Dumbfoundead

EN: Big Wax and DFD, that's my name abbreviated
ZH: 大蜡和 DFD,这是我的名字缩写

EN: These are rated R bars, all of y'alls are PG rated
ZH: 这些被评定为 R 酒吧,y'alls 都额定 PG

EN: Elevated high like someone sprinkled us with pixie dust
ZH: 我们像某人的高架的高沾满粒仙尘

EN: Catch us at a college town, sipping on a dixie cup
ZH: 我们赶在大学城,喝上一迪克西杯

EN: [Wax]
ZH: [蜡]

EN: Sick as fuck and unpredictable is how my vocal flow is
ZH: 病人如操和不可预知是我声乐的流的是如何

EN: Inspired by crazy trains and thought, I got local motives
ZH: 疯狂列车和思想受到启发,我得到了当地的动机

EN: I know you noticed that I flow the coldest
ZH: 我知道你注意到了我最冷流

EN: When me and DFD team we easily steamroll opponents
ZH: 当我和 DFD 团队我们轻松地碾碎对手

EN: [Dumbfoundead]
ZH: [] Dumbfoundead

EN: The soul of Otis and the heart of John Lennon
ZH: 奥蒂斯和约翰 · 列侬的核心的灵魂

EN: Just a couple playboys with a flock of blonde women
ZH: 与一群金发女子的一对夫妇是花花公子

EN: The South Korean James Dean, the Cuban Dean Martin
ZH: 韩国的詹姆斯 · 迪恩,古巴院长马丁

EN: Any human being starting shit is soon to be a target
ZH: 任何人开始狗屎即将成为目标

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: This ain't Batman and Robin
ZH: 这不是蝙蝠侠与罗宾

EN: It ain't Dulce and Gabanna
ZH: 它不是杜尔塞和 Gabanna

EN: This ain't Biden and Obama
ZH: 这不是拜登与奧巴馬

EN: You should go and ask your momma for a clue
ZH: 你应该先走,问你妈妈找到线索

EN: Guess who
ZH: 猜猜谁

EN: This ain't Sherlock and Watson
ZH: 这不是福尔摩斯和华生

EN: OJ and Johnnie Cochran
ZH: 桔子汁和约翰尼科克

EN: Malone and John Stockton
ZH: 马龙和约翰 · 斯托克顿

EN: Holla if you got a problem with it too
ZH: 如果你有问题的太,绝情

EN: Guess who
ZH: 猜猜谁

EN: [Wax]
ZH: [蜡]

EN: My verses all start proper
ZH: 我所有的诗句开始正确

EN: Turn the hipster rapper to a Wal-Mart shopper
ZH: 转到沃尔玛购物者老派说唱歌手

EN: You ain't fresh, you're from concentrate
ZH: 你已不新鲜,你从精矿

EN: And the thought of quitting rapping is one that you need to contemplate
ZH: 戒烟振看作是一个,您需要考虑

EN: [Dumbfoundead]
ZH: [] Dumbfoundead

EN: We rock the place and leave the ceiling collapsing
ZH: 我们岩石的地方,离开天花板坍塌

EN: Any party that we throw you know it's finna be cracking
ZH: 我们把你扔的任何一方知道 finna 被破解

EN: All you rappers biting styles and identity jacking
ZH: 你的姿态咬样式和身份顶

EN: There's like ten of mes and ten of these Waxes
ZH: 有十岁的 mes 等这些蜡的十个

EN: [Wax]
ZH: [蜡]

EN: I leave enemies mentally trapped in states of fear and self-loathing
ZH: 我离开精神陷入恐惧和丑的国家的敌人

EN: Feeling so small they could probably fit in elf clothing
ZH: 感觉太小,他们或许可以装在小精灵服装

EN: As for me, I'm a gigantic man
ZH: 至于我,我是一个巨大的人

EN: That'll rock it til the death like the Titanic band
ZH: 这将岩石它直到死如泰坦尼克号乐队

EN: [Dumbfoundead]
ZH: [] Dumbfoundead

EN: Wearing bright hammer pants you couldn't touch this kind of ruckus
ZH: 明亮的锤裤子穿你无法触及到这种口水战

EN: We're the type of mother fuckers throwing punches at your function
ZH: 我们的母亲遇见拳扔你的函数类型

EN: Chewing up these rappers like some double mint gum
ZH: 咀嚼了这些说唱像一些双薄荷口香糖

EN: Spending hundreds at a strip club using government funds
ZH: 数百名在脱衣舞俱乐部使用政府资金的支出

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: [Wax]
ZH: [蜡]

EN: With whack mother fuckers I just don't associate
ZH: 与嗷母亲遇见我只是不关联

EN: I ain't mad at 'em I just hope they don't procreate
ZH: 我并没有发疯,我只是希望他们不要生育扑克

EN: They gets no love, only hate
ZH: 他们获取没有爱,只有恨

EN: Then like a kobe steak, they get slowly ate
ZH: 然后,神户牛排慢慢得到吃

EN: [Dumbfoundead]
ZH: [] Dumbfoundead

EN: Check the trophy case, you can tell we never lose
ZH: 检查奖杯的情况下,你可以告诉我们永远不会失去

EN: Our videos get box office numbers, you get several views
ZH: 我们的视频获得票房,你得到的几点看法

EN: Ebenezer Scrooge money, racking up the revenue
ZH: 埃比尼泽守财奴钱,收入了货架

EN: All we got is headbangers, like them heavy metal dudes
ZH: 我们就是 headbangers,像他们重金属花花公子

EN: [Wax]
ZH: [蜡]

EN: You need to tell whoever's revving you up they need to pump the brakes
ZH: 你需要告诉谁转速你最多他们需要泵刹车

EN: You couldn't spit my ad libs in five hundred takes
ZH: 你不能随地吐痰,我在五百年的广告库

EN: Don't beat yourself up, we all make dumb mistakes
ZH: 不要被自己打败了,我们都犯愚蠢的错误

EN: You just make more than anybody else fucking makes
ZH: 你只要把更多比任何人都还他妈使

EN: [Dumbfoundead]
ZH: [] Dumbfoundead

EN: The guys that you love to hate, puffing dank, purple drink
ZH: 这帮人都爱去恨,喘着气潮湿,紫色饮料

EN: Type to party hard the night before another working day
ZH: 给方努力的另一个工作天前一天晚上的类型

EN: The dynamic duo, better act like you know
ZH: 动态两名男子,更像你知道

EN: Two mother fuckers ranked numero uno
ZH: 两个母亲遇见排名头把交椅