Wax - Coins (Eviction Notice Mixtape) lyrics (Chinese translation). | Eat a dick
, Or at least eat a pita chip
, Right after I skeet on it
, You piece of shit
, Tell your...
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Wax - Coins (Eviction Notice Mixtape) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Eat a dick
ZH: 吃鸡鸡

EN: Or at least eat a pita chip
ZH: 或至少吃皮塔饼芯片

EN: Right after I skeet on it
ZH: 听完我对它的双向飞碟

EN: You piece of shit
ZH: 你这个混蛋

EN: Tell your lies speaking lips
ZH: 告诉你发言时嘴唇的谎言

EN: They should try pleading fifths more often bitch
ZH: 他们应该尝试一下更经常恳求五分之四的婊子

EN: And refer to me as your awesomeness
ZH: 并提到我是你师傅

EN: You sayin me and "so and so" are comparable
ZH: 你是说我和相若,"那么,如此"

EN: Then I look up "so and so" and they're terrible, you disgust me-
ZH: 然后我看了"如此,那么"和它们的可怕,你让我感到恶心-

EN: Trendy rappers fall the hell off the map
ZH: 时尚说唱秋天从地图地狱

EN: After just one listen I can tell off the bat
ZH: 只是一个听后我可以告诉了蝙蝠

EN: There will never be a time that I have to rewind it
ZH: 不会有时间所要倒带它

EN: On some goddamn "what was that line shit
ZH: 对一些该死"的东西是什么线

EN: In fact I find it
ZH: 事实上我找到它

EN: Rather boring's the category I put them in
ZH: 而是无聊的我把它们放在中的类别

EN: Fast forward that whack verse I'd rather hear the hook again
ZH: 快速向前,捶一节不会再听到钩

EN: I would rate your skills very low level
ZH: 我将率你的技能水平很低

EN: And your softness as at a pills-bury dough level
ZH: 你的温柔作为在药埋面团级别

EN: Me I have that gold medal flow
ZH: 我我有那金牌流

EN: That'll put me on a fricken podium
ZH: 那会让我上雷射枪领奖台

EN: You're child's play you nickelodeon
ZH: 你是孩子的玩你尼克

EN: I'm about to sprinkle sodium
ZH: 正要洒钠

EN: All over them wounds
ZH: 在他们的伤口

EN: Big wax EOM homie don't get confused
ZH: 大蜡选举观察团兄弟别犯糊涂

EN: Shouldn't get your hopes up when you know your gonna lose
ZH: 不应该把你了当你知道你会失去的希望

EN: You won't accomplish anything if you don't pay your dues
ZH: 如果你不付会费你不会一事无成

EN: I'm saying
ZH: 我说

EN: With all the shit I've charged to the game
ZH: 与所有的东西我已经收取的游戏

EN: The game should issue me a credit card in my name
ZH: 游戏应该发出我在我的名字的信用卡

EN: No we aren't the same you are mother fucking ant sized
ZH: 不,我们并不相同你是母亲他妈的蚂蚁大小

EN: My catalog is Jack's bean stalk plant sized
ZH: 我的目录是杰克的豆秆植物大小

EN: I'm sick of ya'll saying ya'll spit well
ZH: 我受够了你就会说你一定会很好吐

EN: When ya'll shit sounds like dog shit smells
ZH: 当雅会拉屎听起来像是狗大便气味

EN: Seriously take it back and say your joking
ZH: 认真地拿回去,说你开玩笑

EN: When you rap everyone behind your back does that masturbating motion
ZH: 当你说唱每个人背后你后面没有那手淫的议案

EN: I worked hard for this when ya'll half-assed it
ZH: 我努力工作为此当震遐倾尽全力会它

EN: Raise the white flag matter of fact half mast it
ZH: 提出事实半肥大的白色的标志问题它

EN: Half this rap shit that you hear is half plastic
ZH: 这一半的 rap 屎你会听到是半塑料

EN: The other human half is a lying ass bastard
ZH: 人类一半是说谎的混蛋

EN: Fake biters like dentures
ZH: 假像假牙咬

EN: Writing their bios based on someone elses adventures
ZH: 写其 bios 基于某人别人冒险

EN: I be confusing the censors with the shit that I speak
ZH: 我会混淆与我讲的东西检查员

EN: Cause they don't know if its some shit they should bleep
ZH: 因为他们不知道是否它有些东西他们应该 bleep

EN: They're like damn that's the fifth time this week
ZH: 他们就像该死的是第五次这周

EN: That I've witnessed a sheet
ZH: 我已经目睹了一张

EN: Of lyrics from this geek
ZH: 从这个怪胎歌词的

EN: On my desk for inspection
ZH: 检查我的办公桌上

EN: To bleep or not to bleep is an excellent question
ZH: Bleep 或不 bleep 是一个优秀的问题

EN: These words have yet to receive Webster's attention
ZH: 这些话尚未收到韦伯斯特的注意

EN: Spanish Webster is still fucking with the gender
ZH: 西班牙韦伯斯特还他妈跟性别

EN: Only point I'm trying to make is give them something to remember
ZH: 我想只有点是给他们的东西要记住

EN: Whether spitting on the microphone or strumming on the fender
ZH: 是否在麦克风上随地吐痰或 strumming 上挡泥板

EN: These kids get mixed up like cumming in a blender
ZH: 这些孩子会像卡明在搅拌机混

EN: Same goes for you lame trolls blogging
ZH: 你也同样如此烂巨魔博客

EN: I would recommend less dick riding and more jogging
ZH: 我建议更多慢跑和骑少迪克

EN: You at your computer that's sipping your super big gulp
ZH: 你看你喝着你超级大口的电脑

EN: Eating little Debbie snacks and newtons full of fig pulp
ZH: 吃小黛比小吃和牛顿充分的无花果纸浆

EN: I'm talking to you its sunny out enjoy it
ZH: 我说话你其阳光出享受它

EN: That bicycle you purchased was like money down the toilet
ZH: 您购买的那辆自行车就像在厕所里的钱

EN: Yo its funny how steroided your confidence seems
ZH: 哟滑稽如何 steroided 你的信心似乎

EN: When the last time you got laid hipsters were rocking big jeans
ZH: 赶时髦的人最后一次你睡着的时候被摇大牛仔裤

EN: 2Pac was in his teens
ZH: 2Pac 是在他十几岁

EN: Variations of the running man were popular routines
ZH: 正在运行的差异是人的最受欢迎的例程

EN: Little Nas was up in queens-- it ain't hard to tell
ZH: 就在小小的 Nas皇后 — — 想告诉就不难

EN: He was still busy watching the smurfs battle Gargamel
ZH: 他是仍忙着看蓝精灵战斗 Gargamel

EN: Fuck it I just keep rapping great
ZH: 妈的我只保持极振打

EN: Outside of the box like you used cheap packing tape
ZH: 在像你用便宜盒子外包装带

EN: Try again there's no time to waste
ZH: 再试,有没有时间可以浪费

EN: Just make sure the drawing board you go back to is dry erase
ZH: 只需确保你回到制图板是干擦

EN: That shit you sharpie ain't gonna ever be sharper
ZH: 这都不会你刻才不会去过更锋利

EN: Unless that magic marker is an actual magical marker
ZH: 除非那个神奇的标记是一个实际的魔法标记

EN: Even then it'd have to have a good battery charger
ZH: 即使那么便会有一个良好的电池充电器

EN: Because I've been rapping since Eric Clapton was back with the Yardbirds
ZH: 因为我一直以来极振打 Eric Clapton 回到了 Yardbirds

EN: I wish you the best of luck
ZH: 祝你好运

EN: If ya'll agree with me that most rappers suck
ZH: 如果你会同意我的大多数说唱歌手吸

EN: Then make like a rake on the back of a landscaping truck
ZH: 然后让喜欢美化卡车的背上的耙子

EN: And stand the fuck up
ZH: 和他妈的站