Wave Tank - For Whom The Bell Tolls lyrics

Opening my eyes,
It was like I never really slept..

But this dream,this dark nightmare was still there.

I got dressed,walked the stairs
And exposed myself to the empty city streets..
Felt the wind, (almost frightened me)
Getting wilder as I looked to the sky for a while..

It was black and the stars were like blood as the moon looked so pale..
(my mind travels back in time)
Then I looked at the stores and the dolls
They suggest
Near the pharmacy that was next the hotel..

I heard glasses and some voices
The only living thing in this windy night
From the bar at the corner near the church
Where all drunks and all whores
Go for rest..

I felt dizzy and the fear of the dream was alive..
Though again...I cant remember to have really slept,

In the streets
A young priest
Was walking fast towards my side
Where does he go it is late
And it's really weird to see a priest in this time..

I felt his look,
Deeply freezing my bone structure within
Then he vanished for his unknown destination,
Seems like he is living for the ultimate sin..

I heard footsteps..they were close at my ears but my eyes didnt see where they came from..

I start running to avoid this weird scene
I feel like something is happening to me..

Through the alleys
,my dark follower should lose all my traces..
Yet the spaces
Between footsteps
Obviously slow,
Showed that this figure still followed me..

I start running
Faster and faster..

I feel my heart is going to explode
But what else should I do..?
I should fight this fiend that walks through the shades..

Something though doesn't let me to even try..

At the end of the alley..
It's a dead end..

I quickly grab my knife to attack this dark beast...

As the figures comes closer
My blood looks like it's boiling my brain..
This can it be..this face belongs to me..

Why does this fiend wears this face ?
What can this mean...?

How can I now if should kill him
Or if is just a dream?
Doesn't really matter anymore..

When the killer is yourself
You can only end up dead..

[-Open Your Eyes..

This can't be possible,you can't be me..
-Mark,come know what you have to do..Mark Where are you?
-This can be true,I'm dreaming..]