Watson Wayne - Before My Very Eyes lyrics

Wayne Watson
Psalm 101:3/Matthew 6:22-23
I haven't seen it all but I've seen enough
Got some memories--Some I pray, one day, I'll forget
You wipe the vision clear and here it comes again
Try to hide your eyes 'cause you's sin
Chorus 1
Charmers from the left and right
They fight for my attention
"Hey-Hey, mister...look over here"
I've declared my
Chorus 2
I will set no evil thing before my eyes
Only good, only truth--Blind to all the lies
I know I could waiver, Lord
Sometimes I regress
So keep the light of holiness
Before my very eyes
Before my very eyes
On the city street--Writing on the walls
From the TV screen screamin' thoughts obscene
...It's everywhere
But I can rise above and not be overcome
Not by this foolishness
I can win this race I run
Chorus 1
Chorus 2
My ears are, pretty much, involuntary machines. Within a give
environment, my control of what goes in is limited (unless I
vacate the premises...probably not a bad idea sometimes). But
the eyes take in or ignore at my command. I haven't seen it
all...but I've seen enough!