Watsky - G.O.A.T. lyrics

Get in bed like I'm at war
Make your vagina more than kinda sore
I'm hung like a dinosaur
Shit, your hymen tore
You're busted, you never grew up like a Toys R Us Kid
I'm well adjusted like jock strap crotches
Bang my old teachers while the preschool watches
Met a slow girl, i was fucking her fast
Had some tight old pussy
And got stuck in the past
I molest old age, grab the best old babe in a breast hold babe
Is you chest cold, babe?
Are those boobs or goosebumps?
Hey, sugar tits, can a pimp have two lumps?
Measure my hard prick, whatever the night
I use my dick as a yardstick to measure my height
I'm healing myself
Got a hole in my pocket and i'm feeling myself
I'm like wu tang

Your art's cookie cutter like a Warhol soup can
The rapper who can destroy mere humans
Fuck your facelift
Fuck your played whip
I built a space ship to ride in while you're cruising earth
I'm owning all the aliens who emcee in the universe
The ten best rappers is a list of me
I exist to be the greatest rapper in history
Built a time machine from Flava's clock and a saddle
Taught Plato to rap and then kicked his ass in a battle
I'm best rapper alive
Who gets mistaken for michael cera
Everywhere that he drives
Fuck michael cera, you weren't so superbad
When i was riding you around rodeo yelling who's your dad?