Watkin Tudor Jones - Visitor lyrics

I speak in rhymes deep inside
Sneak between the lines
dead head's mom make an ill sign
hot teeth shine
with the freaks pumped up, enhanced
fantastic kill mind hacker
inner fuckin despot
ready the slot
ready to shoot it up
while the mainstream seenex team screams
and seems stupider, getting progressively stupider
pity the warrior media, tumorous
on some hoover fill, kill
if you not ill
with a hole in your pocket
like young dumb bum boom fucks
kak to nostril
I do not kill 'em back with a bang like the real deal
not a fashion flash in the pan
on a spill through
I stand still with my dick in my hand
MC Totally Rad, I'm big in Japan

Electric koom boom
pressure pushing, pushing
no kushehsheh
how of the fun like come shake your bum
smiling on the weekend
sticky street corners and the smoke infested
I love to skip school from hopping fences

From the future
Up here before you in human form
We are
From the future
Up here before you in human form

The nazis didn't lose the war
that's a lie
no, no, they didn't lose
they just swapped sides
now there a lot more advanced ways my money to
a lot more invisible
just like me
f u c to the k t h e u s a
g o v e r n m e n t

battlefield minds of the people

head hurt, rock on
dot com

2D, too many dumbfucks


What's that distant rumbling?
Guess who's coming through thunder rain
Back on the scene
Rocking his black comedy
For you little underlings
The fully possible mimic is a disposable gimmick
Flipses, manipulative corneror lyric
That gets all up in your shit
Like a chorus when I speak
I freak intense sentences
Like you just don't mess about
Nobody can hold me back
When I'm all up in your face, like a (?)
Come on girl
Let me see you work that booty to the beat
Like a salty crack
We're here to motivate, there's no debate
You're overweight
MC sounds silly
Trumpets hound
Walls come tumbling down
Cuz I (?) so skinny
What you doing man, you've realeased a ghost
You've got company
It's a parasite
Be the host
Now you want me to stop
But fuck it, I love
Open the carpet
Open the carpet
Upon from within, all over you like skins