Watchtower - Meltdown lyrics

theres an air of urgency,the wail of sirens pierces the night
the damage has already been done,irreversible accidents,security's tight
this is not a drill,it's a drastic tradjedy to cope with
time is the worst enemy,to those who play with the fate of man

breakdown warning-nuclear nightmare,reality
breakdown,warning-contaminates society
breakdown,warning-radioactive atmosphere
breakdown,warning-mistakes are now becoming clear

meltdown-becomes a word of panic
meltdown-radiation burns the skin
meltdown-the public has yet, to be informed
meltdown-invisible killer closing in...

geiger counters crackle in a frenzy,useless meters to prove our danger
an enemy that man created,how ironic that he cannot fight
technology beyond control,build up of waste no safe disposal