Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society - God’s Own Book—A Treasure lyrics

1. There is a book that by its many pages,
Brings peace and joy and hope to humankind.
Its wondrous thoughts
Are charged with such great power;
It brings life to the "dead," sight to the "blind."
That precious book is God's own Holy Bible.
Its words were penned
By men whom God inspired,
By men who truly loved their God Jehovah,
And by his holy spirit they were fired.

2. They wrote a record true of God's creations,
How by his might this universe appeared.
They also told how man at first was sinless
But how his Paradise then disappeared.
They further told about a certain angel
Who challenged God and spurned his sov'reignty.
That challenge led to sin and man's great sorrow,
But soon will come Jehovah's victory.

3. Today we live in times of joy unbounded.
God's Kingdom now is here with Christ as Lord.
This is the day Jehovah grants salvation
To all who come to him in full accord.
Within his book are found these cheerful tidings;
A sacred banquet feast on which to feed.
It offers peace beyond all human thinking;
This Living Treasure beckons all to read.