Warhorse - Upon This We Die lyrics

Slowly creeping out the back door,
She swiftly runs into the moonlight,
She's waiting for the time to come,
When she will see the one, the one,
Who has promised her,
Life through death,
She's ready to give up her unborn son,

She hears the wind crying,
Through the trees,
It's begging her "Please, no",
She walks along and stumbles upon the path she will take forcefully,
She is pulled into the circle,

And upon this they slice,

Upon this we die,
They cry,
Upon this we die,
They cry,

All she was told was lies,
She was blind to their deceit,
She thought she was saving all of mankind,
Poor little girl,
Left to lay in pain,
Her ignorance by her side,

We bleed for him,
Our king.