Warcloud - Harmonica lyrics

(Intro: Vulgar)
Vulgar, Pro and Warcloud slam the hammer down

(The Professional)
I'm very adamant in my opinion
Your stagnated rhyming reminds me that you fuckers shouldn't even be living
You ain't ready for the head-on demo-collision crashing
I'm not just insane because I maniacally laugh
Oh you think you're ill you're busting tongue-twisters
I'll block your sidewinder musically master verbally mutilate gouge the beat
Respect the real raw Maimr one graffiti
With complete elite extensive usage of the vocabulary
Eliminate any wack MCs stealing my concepts trying to be me
With the ability to talk about anyone at any particular time Subliminally on the CD
Now that's what you call versatility bitch
You still get fucked up if you scuff up my new kicks
I produce ‘White Beach Cruisers' on white walls it floats
And I prefer not to get your blood on my brand new white coat
White sneakers white undershirt I rule the underground
Vivid descriptions of anger and horrified deeds of tragic danger the days are getting stranger
The Pro's got more dark regions to explore
While you pitiful peasants can't even evade those trap doors

Vulgar blesses your path with more raps than Vegas got craps
But above all that I'll make you suffer from whiplash
Like getting hit in the back by a car moving fast
Now your time has passed I'm part of the afterlife cast
Living in two worlds, fucking one world's dead girl
Life surrounds my circle make mentals turn purple
With putting immortal vocals and delivery like the postal
Vulgarized schizo', I spit the anthrax in your mail
Fuck making it rain I'll make it hail
Bringing the major pain that dismantles your facial
My image was reborn and I walked with a tagged toe
'Orange County' vandal with the click you can't handle
Smashing you with noisemaking mechanical banjos
And a death note on a piano, teleport with Count Drago
Switching my identities from a schizo to a Vulgarized hammer flow
letting you know that the Hardcore Click runs the show

It's lounge act in an old cold dusty swamp house
Creeping like a mouse I'll knock a champ out
Cramping lamp in a damp house, I found a dead woman at the Vermillion River
I took her home alone and washed her up
We'll garbage truck you retarded fucks
I paint and taint her with make up
Bake and eat the cake up, teatime for ___ in a crummy place and taste suds
Slow-dancing late at night swamp house off the ___ at night
I eat cannibals and mechanically-stuffed animals yo
Handle candles to blow
When I leave the room deceive my doom, see the broom in the corner
You goners are deep in need of tombs, Warcloud brimstone Holocaust
Koala, kamala pubs, swallow scuds, yo stop, Galapagos
Pop got a lot of ??? ??? and yo he drifts shifts gambles and shot the host ghost note
Slaughtered daughters on Cajun Arabian waters to follow the logic