Warcloud - Freestyle Over Wu-Tang Forever Beats Verse 2 lyrics

The crossbreed mixed with black and concrete
Roll the streets of Long Beach in a jeep with bronze heat
Wrong fleet to mess with, Jerry Rice couldn't catch this
You get your chest split for talking that f' the west -shit-
‘The Midnight Sun' strike tongue ___
Die if you test me, best to respect me
Hefty one armed bandit, stab companions
With intricate sentences, battle crews single-handed
With cannons that blow you from here to other planets
From Los Angeles now the whole world needs bandages
You's a fake fraud, I rain and make smog
MCs best to Leave Me Alone like Nate Dogg
Or get their place robbed, veins clogged and brains throb
The pain reappears in flashbacks for days long
We hotter than a millions suns, leave you hung
In a monastery and buried by old nuns
Spitting poison darts to your stomach
Niggas run it, spilling gin on -bitches- we fuck while they -cummin-
Filling up another glass cup, we act up
Get that -shit up- and reopen all past cuts
Holocaust flows like fluid, thought you knew it
Mental gats split your back so our rivers can run through it, stupid