Wale - The Extra Trip (The Way To My Love) (2010)

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Wale - The Extra Trip (The Way To My Love) lyrics

Good love,
and I can do that for her,
Cause I can do it til a nigga make a pool on her
It's temporary lust
You need it and its showin
now for this time bein
lets be in love with the moment
okay you dancin,
drinkin on your last one,
im just tryna poke her face
thats why i got my hand in
grown man shit
tonight no romance shit
and you should make this bedroom like a monday night at magic
like you GG Maguire
now let me up inside
ill give you that massage,
good hygiene is required
Ion want no dirty junt
i jus wanna girly girl that own a rack of jordans but don't sport em kuz she love her pumps
give my love to no one else
kiss that cookie til it melt
i am goin underwater, michael phelps
do it til im tired or your homegirl can provide the help
or you can be miss independent,
make that movie by yourself


okay i think its time we make moves, no clothes required here
shawty can i taste you
after that moscato hit
we both grown and i dont care,
not so fast..
dont tie your hair
she said my love is outta here
she out of all her outerwear
and i am real
and i am raw
but dont go in raw
cuz im prepared
see thats a hazard
if yall aint know
i got them gold wrappers
like 500, so..
got that deep love
purify that woman soul
get it so good i make the mufucka somersault
tell me anything you want
ima keep that on the low
i jus wanna please you so
tell me where i need to go
downtown, downtown
i know that you is freaky so
if your man cant keep up wit you
then i think he need to go
downtown, downtown,
i know that you is freaky so
if your man cant keep up wit you
put my number in your phone