Wale - Number Won lyrics (Chinese translation). | I don't trust no one ,
, I keep my friends close , enemies closer , fuck both , i dont trust no one...
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Wale - Number Won (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: I don't trust no one ,
ZH: 我不相信任何人,

EN: I keep my friends close , enemies closer , fuck both , i dont trust no one ,
ZH: 我把我的朋友们密切,敌人接近,操两、 不相信任何人,

EN: * Seinfeld skit*
ZH: * 宋飞小品 *

EN: When you strive for perfection ,
ZH: 当你力求完美、

EN: Desire get confused and you could lose your direction ,
ZH: 欲望变得迷惑,你可能会失去你的方向,

EN: I lost my connection with a bredjrin ,
ZH: 我失去了我与 bredjrin 的连接

EN: Athlete mentality so fuck my competition ,
ZH: 运动员的心态所以操我的竞争对手,

EN: Me and him was homeless , maybe we still cool ,
ZH: 我和他是无家可归者,也许我们仍然很酷,

EN: But every time we book , we stay in our green room ,
ZH: 但每次我们预订,我们留在我们的绿色房间,

EN: Maybe its on me , or brother its on you ,
ZH: 也许其上我,或兄弟其上你,

EN: Or maybe its they fault that we aint holla since June ,
ZH: 或也许它他们自六月以来,故障,我们也不是为你喝彩

EN: Fuck it we on the move , none of use tryna lose ,
ZH: 操它在移动,没有任何使用最潇洒我们输了,

EN: I am out of this world and you a man on the moon ,
ZH: 我是这个世界和你在月亮上的男人

EN: I'll meet you in the sky ,
ZH: 在天空,见面

EN: Look this whole time , we was comin from separate towns tu hold down ,
ZH: 听着这段时间,我们是进从单独城镇杜按住

EN: I figure this where my heart at ,
ZH: 我想这在哪里我的心在

EN: This shit has got my soul ,
ZH: 这东西有我的灵魂,

EN: I tell them niggas picture me rollin i get the Kodak ,
ZH: 我告诉那些黑鬼图片我罗林拿到柯达的

EN: If ya'll don't know ya history ya'll should look a lil' closer ,
ZH: 如果你不知道雅史雅会应看 lil' 更密切,

EN: I feel like Quasimoto with all this shit on my shoulders ,
ZH: 我觉得自己像 Quasimoto 这种事在我的肩上,

EN: They say this media changed , these verses gettin strange ,
ZH: 他们说这个媒体改变了,越来越奇怪,这些经文

EN: Who you know famous and rich can say the same.? ,
ZH: 谁你知道著名和富人可以说相同。?,

EN: How can niggas blame us , i am not ashamed but ,
ZH: 如何能爱你怪我们,我不耻但,

EN: I don't understand how this game made us strangers , look ,
ZH: 我不明白这场比赛让我们的陌生人,看,

EN: Competition , for the love and anyway it go , they gon remember us ,
ZH: 竞争,为爱和无论如何它去,他们记得我们是尼泊尔政府

EN: My nigga , its all love , that's how this shit be goin when you go for number one ,
ZH: 我的黑鬼,它的所有的爱,这就是该怎么会走时你去一号

EN: We tryna be number one , number one , we tryna be number one ,
ZH: 我们最潇洒是第一,第一,我们最潇洒成为第一名

EN: When you strive for perfection ,
ZH: 当你努力完善,

EN: Desire get confused and you could lose your direction ,
ZH: 欲望变得迷惑,你可能会失去你的方向,

EN: I lost my connection with my woman ,
ZH: 我和我的女人,失去了我的连接

EN: I needed her support but she was thinkin bout a marriage , FORGET IT.!
ZH: 我需要她的支持,但她在想怎么样的婚姻,忘了它。!

EN: I know your love is the purest ,
ZH: 我知道你的爱是最纯洁的

EN: But sexin without affection is necessary for some of us ,
ZH: 但没有爱情紧紧有必要对某些人来说,

EN: Here's my heart you can hold it , I won't need it on this road trip ,
ZH: 这里是我的心你可以拿着它,我不会对这次旅行,需要它

EN: And I aint tryna cheat so go head , leave me to my lonesome ,
ZH: 我不是最潇洒骗你走头,我留给我寂寞

EN: GO.! you free to go about your business ,
ZH: 去。!你随便去了解您的业务,

EN: But if we back to business hope we resurrect the feelin ,
ZH: 但如果我们回到业务希望我们复活歌

EN: I'm a real nigga , them other niggas fill in ,
ZH: 我是一个真正的黑鬼,他们其他黑鬼填写,

EN: The only girl I say I love you , and i'm not pretendin ,
ZH: 我说我爱你,和我不是 pretendin,唯一的女孩

EN: Look , I got no time for that type of connection ,
ZH: 你看,我没有时间为该类型的连接,

EN: Meantime , I hope you keep your vagina protected ,
ZH: 同时,我希望你保持你的阴道的保护,

EN: Your friends say , why we not together yet
ZH: 你的朋友说,为什么我们不在一起还

EN: Sad but its true , but I ain't on ya level yet ,
ZH: 还难过但是其为 true,但是我没上雅级别

EN: Tryna keep a level head , Workin like a Mexican ,
ZH: 阿隆保持清醒的头脑,像是墨西哥人羡慕

EN: Runnin this bitch , feel like i deserve a medal here ,
ZH: 今生只这个婊子,感觉就像我应得的一枚勋章在这里,

EN: First placin it , wine wastin it ,
ZH: 第一次 placin 它酒 wastin,

EN: With all due respect , I cant have you in the way of it ,
ZH: 尊重,不能阻止它,让你

EN: Competition , she in love , and anyway it go ,
ZH: 竞争,她在爱,和无论如何它去,

EN: I'm gon remember her , but still ,
ZH: 我是尼泊尔政府记得她,但仍要

EN: My nature , its all love , that's how that shit be goin ,
ZH: 我的天性,它所有的爱,这就是那玩意怎么会走,

EN: She vying for number one , Tryna be number one ,
ZH: 委屈她争夺一号,成为第一名

EN: She tryna be number one , she tryna be number one , tryna be number ONE,!
ZH: 她委屈是第一、 她委屈成为第一名、 阿隆成为第一名 !