Wale - Legendary lyrics (Chinese translation). | [1st Verse]
, Top of the dome wit it or wrote lyrics
, They ain’t grossing a million, liquid...
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Wale - Legendary (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [1st Verse]
ZH: [第 1 节]

EN: Top of the dome wit it or wrote lyrics
ZH: 顶部的圆顶机智它或写歌词

EN: They ain’t grossing a million, liquid don’t form an opinion
ZH: 他们不票房 100 万、 液体不形成意见

EN: I’m sort of a genius, nothing short of a legend
ZH: 我是天才,简直一个传奇

EN: Sort of Tommy Lasorda
ZH: 种的汤米拉索达

EN: The way I’m sorting these pitchers
ZH: 我整理这些投手的方式

EN: Pitchers whatever, f-ck it my speech is off
ZH: 投手不管、 f-ck 我的发言是关闭

EN: Weekend trip to wherever, only heaven is far
ZH: 周末去哪里,只有天堂远

EN: Metaphors in every color, these indelible bars
ZH: 每种颜色,这些不可磨灭的酒吧中的隐喻

EN: Jordan 4s seated floor side sitting with Mars
ZH: 约旦 4s 坐楼侧坐着火星

EN: Only fear is mediocrity
ZH: 唯一担心的是平庸

EN: Every time I got a beat I feel like I don’t gotta sleep
ZH: 每次我感觉就像我不打不睡得着

EN: You keep praying on your break, I hope you got a sling
ZH: 你祈祷你休息,我希望你有索具

EN: Shot for all them shots coming out them beaks
ZH: 射击为所有他们射击出来它们的喙

EN: Sort of like Socrates in a Prada T
ZH: 就像苏格拉底在普拉达 (prada) T

EN: You can’t kick it, your pockets thinner than soccer teams
ZH: 你不能踢它,口袋薄比足球队

EN: People f-ckin’ with me, they ain’t f-ckin with you
ZH: 人 f ckin' 跟我,他们不是与你的 f ckin

EN: Lyrically sup hmm being generous too
ZH: 抒情地 sup 嗯正在太慷慨

EN: I remember a nigga demo just sit in a room
ZH: 我记得黑鬼演示只是坐在一个房间里

EN: Made some moves, now I’m known to spit December to June
ZH: 做一些动作,现在我知道要吐 12 月到 6 月

EN: Rented a coupe – cool – met me a chick
ZH: 出租小轿车 — — 冷却 — — 遇见我的小妞

EN: Always keep a rubber, word to telling your kids
ZH: 始终保持一种橡胶,告诉你的孩子一词

EN: If you gon do what you gon do, go handle your biz
ZH: 如果你尼泊尔政府做你尼泊尔政府做什么,去处理您 biz

EN: Or smoke some purp take a Percocet and Xanax and chill
ZH: 或一些紫烟带着平库克开张药方和镇静剂和寒意

EN: For real, you real then I don’t need to say it
ZH: 真的,你真的那么不需要说出来

EN: It’s something to be great, it’s nothing to be famous..
ZH: 它是要成为最棒的东西,它是什么可著名...

EN: [Hook x2]
ZH: [钩 x 2]

EN: F-ck fame, f-ck money
ZH: F-ck 名望,f-ck 钱

EN: F-ck everything anyone can take from me
ZH: F-ck 任何人都可以从我的一切

EN: It ain’t hard to make money
ZH: 想赚的钱就不难

EN: We young niggas, we just tryna be legendary
ZH: 我们年轻的黑人,我们只是委屈成为传奇

EN: [2nd Verse]
ZH: [第 2 节]

EN: Zoning my 2nd bottle, focused still on tomorrow
ZH: 分区我第二瓶,重点还是明天

EN: ‘So what thoughts’ keep me anxious, Moet gon’ keep me calmer
ZH: '所以什么的想法让我着急了,空腹 gon' 让我保持冷静

EN: Poetry keep her honest, these readings Stevie could draw up
ZH: 诗歌让她诚实,史提夫可以起草这些读数

EN: Don’t see this deeper than music, don’t hear it but feel the author
ZH: 看不到这音乐,比深听不到它,但感觉作者

EN: I don’t hear no talking, we just hear them barking
ZH: 我不听不说,我们只是听到他们咆哮

EN: And you know you run shit when they pay you good for walk-ins
ZH: 你知道你大便时运行他们付你钱好中餐的种类

EN: Failure is not an option, success is just a process
ZH: 失败不是选项,成功是只是一个过程

EN: Say “yes” one time they use you, say “no” one time they plotting
ZH: 他们密谋说他们使用了你,说"不是"一次的"是"一次

EN: Didn’t make it through college, still debating my progress
ZH: 没能通过学院,仍然在辩论我的进步

EN: End some friendships with homies, made some haters with albums
ZH: 结束一些友谊与家人,作出一些仇恨与册页

EN: Limitations for cowards, this is Shay mixed with Malcolm
ZH: 懦夫的限制,这是马尔科姆与混合 Shay

EN: This is anti Mark McGuire it takes patience for power
ZH: 这是马克 · 麦奎反它需要耐心为力量

EN: Zoning my 6 -rillo legendaries forever
ZH: 永远草图我 6-rillo 传奇

EN: Roll a nigga that lala – that’s how I play the -mello
ZH: 卷黑鬼那拉拉 — — 这就是我如何发挥-梅洛

EN: Niggas plotting against you, hate you but never tell you
ZH: 黑鬼密谋反对你,恨你,但永远不会告诉你

EN: And I know my haters want to make my heart beat acapella
ZH: 我知道我讨厌想要让我的心击败宝岛

EN: Hella proper, my garment is propeller of chopper
ZH: 海拉正确,我的衣服是直升机的螺旋桨

EN: Cause I hella copped em so I could be way flyer than all them
ZH: 导致我海拉被抢走 em,所以我可能会比他们的方式传单

EN: I Aspire for awesome and require some flossing
ZH: 我渴望令人敬畏,需要一些使用牙线

EN: Only way they gon listen, find it highly unfortunate
ZH: 只有一条路他们尼泊尔政府听着,发现它十分不幸

EN: Tryna see if real lyric spittin can buy me a Porsche
ZH: 阿隆看到是否真正抒情歌爱可以给我买一辆保时捷

EN: Tryna see if I get my critics as silent as auctions
ZH: 最潇洒看是否我不能批评我的人一样沉默作为拍卖

EN: I decided to boss up, life’s a bitch and I caught her
ZH: 我决定给了老板,生活就是一婊子和我抓住了她

EN: Don’t always fuck me good, I’m just too cheap to divorce her
ZH: 总是不干我好,我只是太便宜了,跟她离婚

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]