Wale - Lacefrontin (The Eleven One Eleven Theory Mixtape) (2011)

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Wale - Lacefrontin (The Eleven One Eleven Theory Mixtape) lyrics

Aye turn the Beat up
U got all them drums in there
Turn it all......
Can I get it up some more?

[Verse 1]
Im tryna find where your mind at
A lil reefer lotta people in cognac
Dope sneakers and dope speakers for fly cats
And tell them bytches we real niggas
Thats bout that
I ain't trippin
All my women be authentic
Sippin the call it cab
Nobody no the limit
Young nigga with old spirit and ambition
These hoes playing my poet I try to make em different
She said she wanna man..told her im real rap
A good head on her shoulders ..i needa feel that
She said it really dont matter if its real tho
Foreel doe see its mine cus I paid for it
Weaved up greased up shawty wat it do?
Cornrows zone up shawty bust a move
Straight frontin u lacefrontin
Just come thru
U say these niggas lying well u been lying too