Wale - Bait (Remix) (feat. 2 Chainz, Rick Ross & Trey Songz) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Verse 1: 2 Chainz]
, Work, work, work, work, stashed up at my girl's spot
, Hair weave killer had...
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Wale - Bait (Remix) (feat. 2 Chainz, Rick Ross & Trey Songz) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Verse 1: 2 Chainz]
ZH: [诗歌 1:2 Chainz]

EN: Work, work, work, work, stashed up at my girl's spot
ZH: 工作、 工作、 工作、 工作,我的女孩现场藏匿起来

EN: Hair weave killer had on Louie's in my mug shot
ZH: 头发编织了路易的我杯镜头中的杀手

EN: Yeah, yeah, one shot, two shot, three
ZH: 嗯,一枪,两个镜头三

EN: Damn I pull up with this mother fucker fish tailing
ZH: 我妈拉上来就是这个尾矿的母亲混蛋鱼

EN: And I'm raw, fish scale
ZH: 我很原始,鱼规模

EN: Bloomingdale and Neiman Marcus
ZH: 布卢明代尔和奈曼马库斯

EN: Take the beat and make it a carcass
ZH: 采取巡逻,并使其屠体

EN: Shop at Saks Fifth like it's a target
ZH: 萨克斯第五次在购物,像是目标

EN: Cars are the size of your apartment
ZH: 车是公寓的你的大小

EN: I'm swagged up so don't try me
ZH: 我被 swagged,所以别想我

EN: Bank roll is my I.D
ZH: 银行卷是我的身份证

EN: When I pulled out she hopping in
ZH: 当我拿出她在跳来跳去

EN: Make your main girl my side piece
ZH: 让您主要的女孩我侧片

EN: Listening to that old Jay-Z
ZH: 听那老 Jay-Z

EN: One eye open like CBS
ZH: 像 CBS 睁一只眼

EN: So much Promethazine I'm VIP at CVS
ZH: 这么多异丙嗪我在 CVS VIP

EN: Long way from EBT
ZH: EBT 长路要走

EN: Every time I spit it's a DVD
ZH: 每次我吐痰是 DVD

EN: And I don't care if she gone, I'm a long scurve
ZH: 不在乎如果她走了,我长 scurve

EN: I'll take her home and do her like homework
ZH: 我把她带回家,她做一样的作业

EN: [Verse 2: Rick Ross]
ZH: [诗歌 2: 里克 · 罗斯]

EN: Creeping on the campus in my new Camaro
ZH: 爬上我的新卡中的校园

EN: Cover of the Washington Post, (?) apparel
ZH: 华盛顿邮报 》,(?) 服装的封面

EN: Ross and Folarin, couple women
ZH: 罗斯和 Folarin,几个妇女

EN: Got them thugs with me, yeah, we about that business
ZH: 了这些暴徒我,是的我们的业务

EN: I'm talking Ambition, I could spell it for you
ZH: 我说的野心,我可以为你拼写一下

EN: Rev up the Lambourghini, and hail it for you
ZH: Lambourghini,加速和为你欢呼它

EN: My pocket's fat, somebody check my blood pressure
ZH: 我的口袋里的脂肪,有人检查我的血压

EN: Red Bottom's a stack, there goes a double bidder
ZH: 红底的堆栈,那里去双竞买人

EN: I can't throw no ones, only tens or better
ZH: 我不能把没有的只有几万或更高

EN: Since Wale met me he only rode a Benz or better
ZH: 纵行见到我,因为他只骑奔驰或更高

EN: Double MG, we millionaires
ZH: 双毫克,我们是百万富翁

EN: Shawty my bait, she say she never scared
ZH: Shawty 我的鱼饵,她说她永远不会害怕

EN: [Hook: TCB (Wale)]
ZH: [钩: TCB (纵行)]

EN: Bait, bait, bait, bait, bait
ZH: 诱饵、 饵、 饵、 饵料、 诱饵

EN: Who's on my line? Who's on my line?
ZH: 我行是谁?谁是我行吗?

EN: I'm blowing up, these bitches calling me
ZH: 我打电话给我的这些母狗吹起来,

EN: Bait, bait, bait, bait, bait
ZH: 诱饵、 饵、 饵、 饵料、 诱饵

EN: I snatch your girl if you're slipping
ZH: 我抢你的女孩,如果你滑倒

EN: She's on my line like I'm fishing I got that
ZH: 她是我的线上像我正在摸索了,

EN: (Work, work, work, work
ZH: (工作、 工作、 工作、 工作

EN: Yeah you know I got that work
ZH: 是啊,你知道我这项工作

EN: I'm why baby mommas leave
ZH: 我为什么宝贝迎假期

EN: I'm why baby fathers kirk)
ZH: 我亲爱的你父亲 kirk)

EN: I snatch your girl if you're slipping
ZH: 我抢你的女孩,如果你滑倒

EN: Double MG not to mention
ZH: 更不用说双毫克

EN: [Verse 3: Trey Songz]
ZH: [诗歌 3: 忍无可忍]

EN: Touching on that ass, tryna get a feel
ZH: 阿隆触摸那屁股,亲身感受

EN: I just had to ask, tell me if it's real
ZH: 只是想问,告诉我,是否这是真的

EN: I ain't tryna diss you
ZH: 我不是委屈标语你

EN: It's really not an issue
ZH: 它不是真正的问题

EN: If it's fake or if it's real I'mma keep you on my reel, still
ZH: 如果它是假,或者它是否真正接受让你对我的卷轴,仍

EN: Bait baby, wait baby
ZH: 诱饵宝贝,等待宝宝

EN: Why don't you just get a little taste baby
ZH: 你为什么不只是一个小的味道婴儿

EN: I will never judge, fuck a judge, fuck a case baby
ZH: 我将永远不会判断、 操法官、 操案例的婴儿

EN: Ooh shawty, you shawty, come and be my new boo shawty
ZH: 噢 shawty,你的 shawty,来和我新富 shawty

EN: Listen, I'm fishing, you bitch niggas is missing I got that
ZH: 听着,我钓鱼,婊子黑鬼是失踪了,

EN: [Verse 4: Wale]
ZH: [诗歌 4: 纵行]

EN: Yeah you know I got that work, women second, family first
ZH: 是啊,你知道我的工作,妇女第二,家庭第一

EN: Money never ever hurt 'cuz rapping got a lot of perks
ZH: 钱永远伤害 ' 因为振打了很多的津贴

EN: Hold up, wait, these Nikes don't got no date
ZH: 套牢,等等,这些耐克不了没有日期

EN: It ain't gon' be no back and forth
ZH: 它不是尼泊尔 ' 是不来回

EN: But I do quite well with all the bait
ZH: 但我做得很好,所有饵

EN: That remix flow, Mocco bread, PG though
ZH: 这虽然混合流,Mocco 面包,PG

EN: 165 and I'm not surprised see my flow yuck! My CD gross!
ZH: 165,我并不感到惊讶看到我流恶 ! !我总的 CD !

EN: Black Ghost, white driver, such an Oreo, I'm thinking out loud
ZH: 黑鬼,白色的驱动程序,这种奥利奥,我想大声的说出

EN: In the back seat and it's getting quite loud
ZH: 在后座和它越来越非常响亮

EN: Point 'em all out, I can sit 'em all down
ZH: 他们指出,可以坐下扑克都

EN: Double MG, what about y'all?
ZH: 双毫克,你们呢?

EN: These SB's ain't never coming out
ZH: 这些某人不永远不会出来

EN: God Forgive and We Don't, keep my circle small you can't get in my crowd
ZH: 上帝原谅和我们不这样做,让你不在我的人群中我圈小

EN: 104, that MLK, know I gotta be Landover out the way
ZH: 104,那美利克,知道我这样会 Landover

EN: And I gotta thank the young boy out this way
ZH: 我要感谢出这样的年轻男孩

EN: We gon' rep the city of Folarin straight, that bait
ZH: 我们尼泊尔 ' 代表市的 Folarin 直,诱饵,

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]