Wale - Ambitious Girl lyrics (Chinese translation). | Ambitious girl, the drive-drive me crazy
, I'm tryna stay with you, lay with you
, I'll pay you...
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Wale - Ambitious Girl (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Ambitious girl, the drive-drive me crazy
ZH: 雄心勃勃的女孩、 驱动器驱动器我疯了

EN: I'm tryna stay with you, lay with you
ZH: 我很委屈你在一起,放置与你

EN: I'll pay you tuition, pray with you if you aint intuition
ZH: 我会付你的学费,祈祷与你如果你不是直觉

EN: I'm tryna fxck the shxt out your aspirations
ZH: 我最潇洒 fxck 出你的愿望 shxt

EN: see, the last one I dated, I hated
ZH: 看,我最后一个月,我恨

EN: we wake up, i go to work, she leave out
ZH: 我们醒来,我去上班,她离开

EN: come back with some make up, high heels, and a purse, or
ZH: 回来带一些化妆、 高跟鞋和一个钱包,或

EN: worse i ask, "Babygirl, what you aspire to be?"
ZH: 更糟我问,"幻想,你所追求是吗?"

EN: she reply to me like, "why you perspiring me?" bxtch..
ZH: 她答复我就像,"为什么你出汗我吗?"bxtch...

EN: pardon me if I'm sweating you but,
ZH: 请原谅我,如果我出汗你但,

EN: I wanna see something else in you before I invest in you
ZH: 我想看别的在你之前我在你的投资

EN: ambitious girl, (what you sitting for)
ZH: 雄心勃勃女孩,(什么你坐的)

EN: I'd rather you tell me to hit you later,
ZH: 我宁愿你告诉我要打你以后,

EN: because you gotta finish a paper
ZH: 因为你要完成一份文件,

EN: then to be in my face asking for a rosea cup
ZH: 然后,在我的脸问景天杯

EN: see these bxtches can't cut in yo business
ZH: 看看这些 bxtches 不能切哟业务

EN: I'm in love with your business
ZH: 我爱上了您的业务

EN: and your productivity is the reason I intrest, ambitious girl
ZH: 您的工作效率是的原因我非农化,雄心勃勃的女孩

EN: see, I like the person that you are,
ZH: 看,我喜欢你的人

EN: but I'm in love with the person that you have potential to be
ZH: 但我爱上了你有潜力成为的人

EN: and all your dreams sharing with me
ZH: 和所有与我分享你的梦

EN: and your secrets baring with me
ZH: 和你跟我谈心的秘密

EN: and the flaws, you aint even got to mention to me,
ZH: 和缺陷,你不是甚至要跟我,提

EN: ambitious girl, you just wanna win, and you'd rather chase your dreams,
ZH: 雄心勃勃的女孩,你只是想要赢,和你宁可将追逐你的梦想

EN: then to try to chase these men
ZH: 然后,试着去追这些人

EN: that try to chase these skirts
ZH: 试着去追这些裙子

EN: that try to chase these shots with flavors that not even as sweet as her
ZH: 试着去追这些镜头与风味,甚至不像她一样可爱

EN: my ambitious girl, I wont forget you,
ZH: 我雄心勃勃的女孩,我不会忘记你,

EN: I just reflect on how I aint met you, yet boo
ZH: 只是考虑如何我不是你,还见过嘘

EN: you somewhere, getting your life in order
ZH: 你在某个地方,按顺序让你的生活

EN: so for the time being, i hope this (overscribe) might support her
ZH: 所以当其时,我希望这 (overscribe) 可能会支持她

EN: support her, or work her, she worth it
ZH: 支持她,或工作她,她值得

EN: go girl X3, ambition
ZH: 去女孩 X 3 的野心

EN: go girl X7, ambition
ZH: 去女孩 X 7 的野心

EN: go girl X7, ambition
ZH: 去女孩 X 7 的野心

EN: ambition X7
ZH: X 7 的野心