Waka Flocka Flame - Rumors (2010)

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Waka Flocka Flame - Rumors lyrics


They wanna see me dead
Puttin' prices on my head
Spreadin' rumors 'round town
Like I fell down
They can't hold me down
they can't stop my shine
They can't block my grind
Shawty it's game time

Pyru for life breads off the elms nigga
I ain't big on lick 'cause I ain't been to the mother land
Here I stand
Grown booty man
Gun in my hand
I don't fear no man. WAYNEEEE!

[Verse 2]

These crackas fuckin' trippin' second guess'n my livin'
Better tell em I'm gone kill em
Plenty bags then tell em come get em
Make ya boy scared to say nothing to him
I think that I scared him
I swear to GOD that I do not fear them
These beanas straight tripping
Thinking that I'm slipping pull it out hen I'm ripping
My whole click itching crotch
Lookin for the freaking victim
Free my partner Gaga
Tunnel night vision
I swear to GOD on Jesus Christ I don't freaking hear them.


;[Verse 2]

These niggas say they killed me and kidnapped my daughter

I don't even have a boob they mad cause I am a basketballer.

And the hoho is a caller you know that I'm going to stall her

Then shit on her and ball her mouth then never ever call her mom

Poop hard like my vag I'm the problem solver AK

Or revolver you hard then I am harder stop acting like a killer

You cock booty nigger you do not want to marry me

Thats why I'm still alive nigger BOBOBOBOBO

[ Repeat Chorus]