Waka Flocka Flame - Livin Life (2011)

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Waka Flocka Flame - Livin Life lyrics

[Verse 1]
im liquored up, im drunk as fuck, im pullin ova i had enough
im feeling her, she feeling me, im living life like a movie
flocka stop it, shawty freeze, take a picture, say cheese
east side (east)
west (west)
southside(southside)lets ride
lets get it poppin, lets go to work
every weekend in tha club smokin' big purp
now its sunday mannie yellin out boy go to church, im so tired im like dammit I cant go to church
its waka flocka, last name flame I do my thang when you see me mane blood here(sowoo) blood there, down south gutta music, thats how fucked he is

im just living life, shawty im kust living life (x8)

[Verse 2]
Its 12'oclok, now its show time, og gucci said flocka boy get on yo grind
i stop trappin now im rappin, now its time to shine
i keep sweating now im dizzy boy im finna die
hoes they finna cry,cause they want my numba
vacations in the summa, my first ride in a hummer
i know i had to make it keep,it real and neva fake it
bricksquad click so stop all that playa hatin

im just living life, shawty im just living life (x8)

eat the gwap, chew the gwap, digest the gwap (whoooa)
run up in yo house wit a mask and glock (whoooa)
disrespect the click you gone die this year
gucci man laflare aka the polar bear
frenchie flow retatarded all dat nigga get is this
whoo the kid the shawty he gone shoot you like a deer
young juice man bussin bricks all year
waka flocka flame got the hood like
flocka,flocka,flocka, waka, waka, waka

[Chorus x2]