Waka Flocka Flame - Hype (Flockmix) (2016)

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Waka Flocka Flame - Hype (Flockmix) lyrics

I tell these niggas take notes, man
I Can't Rap Volume 2
Nigga like, “fuck graduating,“ nigga sellin' coke
That's a fucked up logic, man
And these hoes, right, fuckin' for new bags
Stealin' swag

[Verse 1]
You lame rappers, views from a real Piru
Married to the game, “I do”
I'm ridin' through in that chicken coop
'Dem birds in it when I'm slidin' through
Can't finesse a brick like I do
You lil niggas can't walk a mile in my footsteps
Pussy, we don't wear the same size shoe
Punch him in his face, feed him chicken soup
Surgeries in that institute
Record his ass while I whoop his ass
And put it on my album as the interlude
My circle tighter than an inner tube
Always talkin', what you finna do?
I think you lames hit your pinnacle
Rapper on too many chemicals
Where the fuck is y'all principles?
This Brick Squad, I'm the general
Middle finger grab my genitals
Why the fuck my niece in the news?
Always talkin', “What Flocka doin'?”
Always talkin', “What Waka doin'?”
Countin' money, bitch I'm thumbing through it
You got a problem, bitch I'm comin' to it
Pullin' up with a couple shooters
I could give a fuck about this fuckin' music
I'll fuck you up and there's nothin' to it
Whole squad ridin' like a fuckin' Buick
I know I'm winning but I fuckin' lose it
And beat the case cause my lawyer Jewish
Grimy nigga came from the sewage
Put them hands on you like Lenny Lewis
Really whip these shits if you diss me, bitch
Then it's a wrap like Christmas gifts
It's arithmetic, I'ma hit the lick
We gon snatch the bag, then split the chips
Out in Colorado, go and fuck with Spence
VBS is on me, never tuck it in
The haters out, but the love is in
Makin' major flips like above the rim (Flex!)
Fuckin' up the dough cause I can't cook
So I made a million on Facebook
So underrated, feel like Westbrook
I'm runnin' plays, it's textbook
Coupla rappers solid but the rest shook
They say I can't rap, so I came back
With dumb punchlines, gave 'em left hooks
Back from the dead, I'm Jon Snow
Toe tag him, he a John Doe
I feel like young Scooter, no convo
Watch out for snakes, keep the lawn mowed
Why these niggas thinkin' that they Pablo?
Cause they watched an episode of Narcos
This is real life, shotta, fuck flows
And you lyrical niggas
Caught a case now you spiritual, niggas?
The feds put some fear in you, nigga?
What they put years on you, nigga?
Yo I see a tear droppin, nigga?
Told Chance to teardrop that nigga
I take the chair, my nigga
Loyalty real, my nigga
Yo (Waka!)
Fuck wrong with these niggas, man?
Just turned 30, man
So how old you think your favorite rapper is, man?
I was listenin' to niggas in middle school
Move over, grandaddy
Squad, Flockaveli 2
Gang gang (Crew!)