Waka Flocka Flame - All I Need lyrics (Chinese translation). | I sit back think of everything i got ever giving life when I got shot
, Truth to being the biggest...
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Waka Flocka Flame - All I Need (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: I sit back think of everything i got ever giving life when I got shot
ZH: 我坐下来想想的一切我有打过给生命

EN: Truth to being the biggest dope boy on the block
ZH: 向正在块上最大的涂料男孩真相

EN: Rocks in my signs watch this drawers full of weed
ZH: 岩石在我标志观看这满杂草的抽屉

EN: Hear me up shawty I got everything you need
ZH: 听起来不错但决比不上我有你需要的一切

EN: You know my game you know my team, our fiber's long green
ZH: 你知道我的游戏你知道我的团队,我们纤维长长的绿

EN: Yo all niggers 17 got no thangs to see
ZH: 哟所有黑人 17 都有没有自我,请参阅

EN: Headed down the road but parking mad
ZH: 领导的下来道但停车疯狂

EN: know we miss you, what's to live for, why you judging me
ZH: ......你知道我们想念你,什么是活着的理由为什么你来看我

EN: I'ma be all i can be, I never been the same since ...left the streets
ZH: 我要将所有我能,我从来没有被一样以来......壮丁街头

EN: Had a when a nigger tried to kill me, rage in my eyes now they think I'm crazy
ZH: 有的时候一个黑鬼想要杀了我,我的眼睛愤怒现在他们认为我疯了

EN: Wild animal, they need to cage me, all I need for violent keep real with me
ZH: 野生动物,他们需要笼我所有我需要的暴力保持真正与我

EN: 'All I need, is a blunt and a cup, a couple bad bitches keep it real with me'
ZH: ' 需要的是钝器和一杯,几个坏女人保持它真正跟我的 '

EN: 'All I need, is a new foreign whip, soft leather no rims just factory'
ZH: ' 我需要的就是新的外国鞭子,软皮革无轮辋只是工厂 '

EN: 'All I need is for god to have my back, accomplish all my goals before I die'
ZH: ' 我都是为神,有我的背,在我死之前完成我所有的目标 '

EN: All I need
ZH: 我只需要

EN: I just wanna know shawty why these all niggers hating on me
ZH: 我只是想知道为什么不错但决比不上我恨这些所有黑人

EN: They claim to be the greed, I'm just trying to get some money
ZH: 他们声称是贪婪,我只想要一些钱

EN: I got tired of not having shit, fucked up shoes and dressing for me
ZH: 我厌倦了不有屎、 一团糟的鞋子和敷料为我

EN: I can't sell cause they're leading gang bang all my life
ZH: 我不能卖的原因他们引帮派敲我的一生

EN: Sometimes i feel like there's no way, but I'm trying to find a way
ZH: 有时我觉得那里是没有办法,但我想找到一种方法

EN: For my partners run away, before they thought they liked a way
ZH: 为我的伙伴们跑了之前他们以为他们喜欢的方式

EN: Trying to get some good strikes like a referee, while these many men was on me
ZH: 想要像裁判有些好罢工,而这些很多人是我

EN: Fell in love with drugs you call my girlfriend ecstasy
ZH: 坠入爱河与药物你打电话给我女朋友摇头丸

EN: Low get down away from me, while critics keep on stressing me
ZH: 低走从我同时批评不断强调我

EN: Hip hop keep neglecting me, learn my brain...before you bring me down
ZH: 嘻哈保持忽略我,了解我的大脑......在你打倒我之前

EN: Trying to on me, like I'm bobby brown
ZH: 想上我,好像我是鲍比 · 布朗

EN: But they kinda love the flocka sound, my worry's deep
ZH: 但他们还挺爱 flocka 的声音,我担心深

EN: If you ain't tolling up you might drown, motherfucker
ZH: 如果您不收费了你可能就会淹没混蛋

EN: All I need is a bad bitch, one blonde, one coup
ZH: 我需要的就是坏女人,一个金发美女,一场政变

EN: All I need, is a blond and coup, a couple of bad bitches keeping real with me
ZH: 需要的是一个金发碧眼和政变,几个与我保持真正的坏婊子

EN: All I need, a new wheels, so I'm loving no real, just
ZH: 所有我需要新的轮子,所以我爱没有真正的、 只是

EN: All I need the car to have my back, a compass on my before i die
ZH: 所有需要向车有我的背,一个指南针我在我死之前

EN: This is all I need, flocka
ZH: 这是所有我需要 flocka