WATERS - San Francisco lyrics

I woke up in the morning fog and I turned my bus around
San Francisco is the way I feel when I wander in your town
Though the river wasn't strong enough I could stop it
Berkeley dreaming every summer
its the last time that I'll ever see her
and I know it wore with every letter I can't steal it.
I chased her all around that lake like
I knew that you weren't mine to take
but I thought I'd try it anyway
can't you see it
but I can never dream

Crissy field and the undertow
If could shake it would you know
I could never fall asleep again from your town and tide below
I can feel it in my bones I'm on your pavement

Chasin what I thought was mine
all along I never saw the light
but I tried it just for one more night
I can steal it
I can never dream.