W.A.S.P - Babylon's Burning lyrics (Chinese translation). | Listen close to hooves you hear
, Are thunders coming dread
, John the Revelator's dream
, Had seen...
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W.A.S.P - Babylon's Burning (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Listen close to hooves you hear
ZH: 你听到的蹄仔细听,

EN: Are thunders coming dread
ZH: 是雷声未来恐惧

EN: John the Revelator's dream
ZH: 领受约翰的梦

EN: Had seen a terror vision
ZH: 看见恐怖异象

EN: Of the spirit led
ZH: 精神的领导

EN: With wrath to reign
ZH: 带着愤怒称王

EN: And with slaves to flame
ZH: 与奴隶火焰

EN: They kneeled and sealed a kiss
ZH: 他们跪下来密封一吻

EN: Plagues and pain and fiery rain
ZH: 瘟疫和痛和火热的雨

EN: And blaspheme on his lips
ZH: 在他的嘴唇上亵渎神

EN: Babylon's a-burning, Babylon's a-burning
ZH: 巴比伦的燃烧一,巴比伦的燃烧一

EN: Six hundred 6, 6 and 7 seals
ZH: 六百年 6、 6 和 7 的密封件

EN: A pale rider and his horses sing
ZH: 苍白骑士和他的马唱

EN: Babylon's a-burning, Babylon's a-burning
ZH: 巴比伦的燃烧一,巴比伦的燃烧一

EN: Six hundred 6, 6 the rising beast
ZH: 六百年 6、 6 上升野兽

EN: Bears the mark of Babylon to be
ZH: 巴比伦是之印记

EN: Arising with the beast a sea of men
ZH: 升起与野兽男人的海洋

EN: A bloody moon of red
ZH: 一个血腥的红月亮

EN: A whore of Babylon to bleed the seed
ZH: 巴比伦的娼妓流血种子

EN: And make 'em take the mark upon their heads
ZH: 让他们带在他们头标记

EN: They bowed and kneeled a mark to seal
ZH: 他们鞠躬和跪一个标记,密封两眼直

EN: Their souls unto a kiss
ZH: 他们对一个吻的灵魂

EN: With fire and flames and with
ZH: 与火和火焰

EN: Souls to claim
ZH: 索赔的灵魂

EN: And rise from the abyss
ZH: 和从深渊上升

EN: [Revelation 13]
ZH: [启示录 13]

EN: And I stood upon the sand of the sea
ZH: 我站在海边的沙滩上

EN: And saw a beast rise out of the sea
ZH: 看见一个兽从海上升

EN: Having ten horns and seven heads
ZH: 有十角七头

EN: Ten crowns upon his head
ZH: 在他头上的十个冠冕

EN: Who is like unto the beast?
ZH: 像是怪物谁?

EN: Given his mouth great things to speak
ZH: 鉴于他的嘴很大的事情要谈

EN: If any man has an ear
ZH: 如果任何人有耳

EN: Let him hear, let him hear
ZH: 让他听听,让他听到