Votum - Look At Me Now lyrics

"O Zarathustra, said He to me, I come to seduce thee to thy last sin"
- Friedrich Nietzsche

A look at my face as you pass me by
Won't give you a hint who confronts you -

"Love, love, nobody wants you
Love, love, nobody wants your love."

Once, twice, and again - let the bleeding begin
Once, twice, and again...

It seemed I found, as she was passing by,
The one to sooth the pain.
With a careful look, she was wading through
Puddles on a rainy day.
She turned around and sent a smile -
A sight for my sore eyes.
I was certain then she would love me soon,
One day,
One day we'd meet again.

And she'll make love to me,
Make love to a monster,
Loving me
Wipe away old witch's bane.
She'd constantly repeat
I'd ruined her whole life,
Am I the one to blame?
I never asked to be...

Lord, what have they done to me?
Lord, what have I become?

Once, twice, and again...

Lord, what have they done to me?
Oh Lord, what have I become?