Vortech - Unveiling The Future lyrics

The future unveils behind a drape, so dark
Inhospitable became the world
A virus running unchecked at large
Not a breath is heard out there

Control – this was their dream
fleeting was the moment
It crumbled in their hands
Like sand they sought to hold

Fruitless they know it to be
Foolish hope, stupidity, or ignorance?
In any case, they charge at a brickwall
This reality is no feature film

Factions drawing their last breath
Bleeding their bretheren at arms
Marvel at the final insult
To humanity and all their kind

Disbelieving laughter of the last one
A final whimper of their extinction
Driven to extreme measures
Unable to cope with this new life

This punctuation to an era
A chapter ends, and the page is turned
Will it be a better world awaiting?
All that's sure, we won't see it