Vortech - Neurovirus lyrics

They carry it inside them
Sleeper cell of a viral kind
The spread pattern is out of hand
Waning chances of aversion

All control is lost by noon
Yet they still do not know
Covert is the contagion
Irreversible the infliction

In the way of science, you were so sure
That for this creation, you made no cure
A swansong for the epitaph
Carved to stone, as you laugh

Neural by its nature
Chemical synapses transmit the flaw
Propagate the behavior war
Enslaved to the virus we are

No vaccine to prevent it all
As a devised doom ensnares the world
Perfection with a poison hold
and by your actions we shall fold

For the deed you commited
A fitting reward is in store
As the day of days goes on by
You reach the eclipse of your own time