Vortech - Humanity: Static lyrics

The dawn of the threshold
Awaken anew
Shed the final piece of evidence
Of your long gone existence

It's a race for answers
Question all the you see
But for how long can you keep up
With a product destined for failure

The truth is a whore for lies
Consuming them with a zest of frenzy
Expulsing all to suit the need
As the betterment of mankind they feed

The fragile transmission
diminishes to pure static
Nothing left of their humanity
From ashes they arise

Lifelines dwindle
For the weak are born anew
Abandoned their humanity
the Biotrons walk the earth

Perversions of sickening science
Insane creations of a brave new world
What comes beyond humanity
but a soulless drone of obscurity

Now the evidence is all in front of you
It's a time for your own decision:
Alone in the bonegarden?
Stripped of humanity without pardon?