Vore - Wrath Wrought Ruin lyrics

Run! Run you spineless curs
Flee before the might
of the true lords of this earth

Bow before the sword
Kneel beneath the axe
Servants of the whip
Driven by the lash
Sorceress of creation
From your forsaken innards spilled
Offspring dire and dreadful
No emotion just compulsion to kill

Wrath! Envenom
Wrought! Red iron
One by one watching their enemies fall

Wrath! The cruel one's
Wrought! Dominion
Ruin! Their construct heralds devastation

Wo now be unto the conquered
their damnation procession
They rally 'round their altars
To pray, plead, beg, weep evermore

Lo, the end comes
Blood burning in fire
All that once was
Reduced to ashes and dust