Vore - Threshold Of Empowerment lyrics

A pledge to power
A promise of pain
All things forsaken
For knowledge arcane

Arts hid deep
Long passed out of existence
Beyond laws of nature and of reason
Dormant for ages
Now stirring awake
Bane of our forefathers unleashed again

Into the shadowed realm
Enamored of the darker path
Passing through
The threshold of empowerment
Soul and flesh consumed
By the primordial flame,
Destroyed then reformed - reborn!
Not longer a mortal man but a God

Dark forces align
Fell beings of fire and pain
Bent upon dominion of our race
Necromantic rapture
Subjugated by what was to be mastered
By an unwitting fool
Now willing tool of the enemy

Search out the brave
And make them cower
Enslave the strong
They shall be conquered
Bring forth the weak and infirm
To be devoured
Terrible and despair
Before my power

With A Word
Their minds bend to my will
And with a thought
I shall command death