Von Hertzen Brothers - Spanish 411 lyrics

Music: Von Hertzen Brothers
Words: Mikko von Hertzen / Kie von Hertzen

She came along down in Quezaltenango
April 11th '99
I'd been driven by my worried mind
Through these strange lands towards
Something I couldn't quite define

Her Spanish eyes full of sorrow
Yet whole being so divine
Oh, that night, that night
I felt free and her appearance felt like a sign

The second she was to leave
I felt the earth tremble, stars assemble
And the shimmering sky fall crashing down
And I heard somebody speak
With my own voice
Asking for some light for a cigarette
Of a special northern kind

I mean, how could I have been so blind?

Every single minute was ablaze with our fire
That burned through the night rushing by
We were one, oh and she was destined to become
The Love, Love of my life

I wanted her along
So I went for my guitar and played a love song
And I tried and I tried to convince her to follow
But she said:
"No, If you gotta leave, you're gonna leave all alone"

I could never ever leave
You made my earth tremble
My insurmountable walls come crashing down
She told me not to speak

And without a word she put flowers in her hair
And like a waft of air

She took her love elsewhere
Oh, my Love!
All I see in every woman
All I see in every man
A conspiracy to shatter our "stars-written-plan"

Together, Forever
I will catch our stars and wake their shine
Together, Forever
Gonna find you and make you mine

We never met again
The way it was meant to be
Oh no, nor did we ever see
The fulfillment of our destiny

And I can't find a place
To stand, to sit, to crawl to
'Cause your spell under which I surely fell
Did never leave me girl, never left me alone

Now, I'm trying to live without your love
In this hazy flow
The wasted years are passing by in an endless row

If these are the days to exhaust my faith in us
I won't give in
I'm hanging by this thread
We're lovers in my head
Till the graveyard is our bed