Voli - Villain (2012)

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Voli - Villain lyrics

I need it, I need it like no other
Feel that heat, you're the summer, steam the sheets, ignite the covers
Sip your body like some fruit juice, make love like how we used to
Make up, next day we fuck, then we break up, that's life as usual
Left your earrings on my dresser, your fragrance on my pillow
Marc Jacobs or Margiela, never could tell, don't remember, ugh
All I know's we could have had it all if you had waited
I thought that we could give it one last shot, euthanasia
One last shot, choose a chaser, I choose vodka, kill the pain
Let this liquor blur my vision, yet your image still remains
In my brain, I don't sleep, I'm insane, I don't eat
Guess I'll fuck these other women till I get back on my feet, ugh

She's my heart, she's my dagger
She's my drug, gotta have her
You were my good girl, did I turn you bad, girl?
You were my all, but now most of all
She's my villain

You pierce, you pierce me through that armor
Heat me up, you be that sauna, Let me cut, I'll be that barbor
Never enough, I need that longer, where you goin? Stay the night
Move that body the way I like, runway strip I take ya flight, ugh
And I swear this is our second chance, let's do it different
Where'd ya learn that trick, baby girl, I swear you do it different
This new guy that ya seein, do ya love him?
The thought of him feelin what I taught you is too disgustin
Ya only call me when ya lonely and horny
I tried my best to make us work, and yet you won't employ me?
Red lipstick on my collar might as well be blood
Drain me with your body and I'm losin life with every cut


Ok, gasoline

You ready? Light me up


You burn me alive, can I turn you with my song? Oh
You look like my angel, but you move like the devil
And you do it so subtle, oh lord, let me pray
Ohhh let me pray, I sware I'm quittin you any day now
Any day now...