Voli - The Funeral (2010)

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Voli - The Funeral lyrics

Please release me
Let this darkness turn into sunshine Baby
The day I Rise... will be your Funeral
Now close your eyes Say Good Night

Hello. I'm that young fly fellow
the savior has arrived you daa Smith (dismissed) like Willow
like Will i'm a Legend trying to build like Legos
Voli in your lane on your heels like Stilletos
Skinny tie fitted jeans
Listerine clean in the cut like guillotine
light skinned dark shades guerilla rap all ape.

I ain't playing with the monkey bars man Fourth grade
808 thump-thumpin like a rabbit

and I ain't got a deal so I be stuntin like my daddy
Five figure salary but soon I'm gonn be eatin
probably die from the calories money clogged arteries. Yahhh
I'm in that 21st century 23rd mentally
So I celebrate tomorrow like it was today the future is my memory
I make a few mills (meals) i don't need no recipe
I used to chill around campus
getting drunk getting in some shit like pampers
and them girls threw the panties
at me like hamper
simple days now this old boy headed for the big stage for your Funeral.


And imma be here forever just like the song We Know.
you rewind whatever I record Tivo
Forgive me for the pause Beagle
But ima do it till I ball Eagle
Hey can't I have a little fun?

a little humor from the burbs but it don't matter where you from
from the hood from the woods
yellow black Caucasian

I'm the Savior
I'm trained dog thats why I get the paper...
Voli got lines no cokehead

that mean I handle bars when I ride no moped
Jersey Boy but I ain't from the Shore
Baby get a taste
I like my women with alotta drive like an interstate
Big brain Little waist Curves like valleys
and im on em late night Quest Love thru her body
she tell me quit my job
I should get up out the cubicle
and now i'm headed to your funeral