Voli - 5AM (2013)

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Voli - 5AM lyrics

These are the darkest days, the light has faded
And yet the night can serve as company for the isolated
And reignite 'em, they slept on me, then they hibernated
That split my heart into sections like it was hyphenated
Voli-Oli, Nouveau my brotha, can't rep the crew of another
Number 2 on ya, numero uno my number, yeh
Zero left in my savings, send me a savior, yeh? yeh
And now I'm headed to the bank, bitches
Just to apply for loans a brother know he ain't getting
I ain't embarrassed, no Biggie, I'm being Frank with em
That's Frank White, forget it, before your time, I'm grown
Clock is ticking, hope they watch me 'fore my time has gone
Shout to the Bean, those bombers just made em stronger
New England is in my heart, that's the place of my Alma Mater
Yah know, Back in Worcester, homie, college was so king
Lil freshman sippin that Vodka inside the Poland Spring
Khalifa, black and yellow brotha just like a Cheetah
But got the white girls to love him like I was Bieber
But Jersey made him, Morris County, suburban native
Used to be timid, he thought the ghetto would surely hate him
Garden State, no waterin' down my tape
Spit harder, I salivate cuz these artists are out of date
Pathetic, look at 'em posture, anything to be on the roster
Guess when you finally ball, they gonn be suckin on ya
No room for friends here, wounds'll never repair
Empty shows I perform and the fakers that never be there, ah
Rather talk about hangin with me and linkin with me
But if it aint passion, then you aint speakin my language to me
Gimme Coachella and Lollapalooza, I'll be performin for the Obamas
Look, Voli's Illuminati, I'll smile at the rumors, I be producer
So every song be like Voli featuring Voli and written/produced by Voli too
Promoters shun 'em, these management companies, they don't love em
Don't wanna take a chance on a future star until a muthafucka become him
I know they say success is relative, lately we more like distant cousins...
Huh, Family reunion comin soon
Can't take no time off, my homie, I live in summer school
And so it's fitting, I'm doing this for the daydreamers
For what we put in, it'd take a million to break even
I let my girl see my mistress I sneak away at night wit
And she okay with the cheatin, she even say she like it
Those morning hours I'm lovin another woman
I'm bangin it loud, music my other lover, I lay her down
Talkin that eagles, that Fleetwood, that Ennio Morricone
That one and only, that classic Nouveau, stop callin Voeli
Let's keep it flowing, no tampon, we down to bleed
No camera, I'm out your screen, David Banner without the green
Cuz I'm broke , without a machine, told Santa that I been mean
But I'm nicer than them, you spit that saran wrap, and I'm seein'
Right through you, for my nation like Zulu, shout to Guru
I stand out, I masturbated my way in, fuck a hand out, do it myself
I kill dem softly
Because my heart is made of stone
I tear dem limb from limb, I'm cold
I'm the winter's own
I'm the winter's own
So don't fuck with that man