Voices Of Passion - Why Are You Trying To Deny Me Water? lyrics

Why are you trying to deny me water
Am I not the grandson of the Prophet

Why are you trying to deny me water
Am I not the grandson of the Prophet
Oh the prayers of Prophet's Qalma
Am I not the beloved son of Zahra

And my father is Hazrat Ali
And my mother is from purity (x2)
And my son is called Zainul Aba
And we all recite Nana’s Qalma (x2)
We are from the family of Rasul
And we will only side with the truth

Nothing’s lacking in our armoury
Knowledge, piety and bravery (x2)
From Nabi to Ali to Zahra
Hassan, Husayn, Ahlul Bayt we are (x2)
The story of Kisaa is known to all
And to serve only Allah is our goal

Kufans wrote many letters to me
Saying come quickly ibne Ali (x2)
Because the light of faith is dimming
And the flame of Islam is weakening (x2)
As per your request I am now here
Spreading Islam without any fear

Even if you try to bring us to harm
Even if you break my brother's arms (x2)
Even if you take my sister's veil
Even if you torture us in jail (x2)
My allegiance is only with Allah
To Yazid I'll never give bayyat

And awaiting my word is Abbas
One command and he would snatch Furat (x2)
Karbala will be ravaged with war
Bloodshed and dead bodies and more (x2)
My intention’s to preach what is right
I have not brought an army to fight

I have brought the children of Zahra
Who will only submit to Allah (x2)
And despite heat and thirst for three days
They will side with the truth come what may (x2)
All the children of Zahra are thirsty
They'll get their reward with Allah's mercy