Voices Of Passion - Oh My Asgher lyrics

A sweet baby in a battlefield
Not in a mother’s dream
Oh my Asgher

The call of "Halmin" was all too clear
I was terrified, you had no fear (x2)
Such a brave heart in someone so small
Where was the courage from, Oh my Asgher

Your father came back, his shoulder sheared
Walking to and fro, blood in his beard (x2)
What did happen there, can someone tell me
Why didn’t you come back, Oh my Asgher

Shaame Ghariba, oh so much cruelty
So many enemies, there was no safety (x2)
The tents were ransacked then set on fire
Your cradle was burnt, Oh my Asgher

I was not able to feed you for many days
I had no food or water for many days (x2)
But only after Shaame Ghariba
Did I have milk, Oh my Asgher

Shaame Ghariba, in the dead of night
We got some water, to ease Ruqayya's plight (x2)
With that water, she went wandering
Looking for you, Oh my Asgher

I had a dream that, you would grow up too
Truthful and pious, like all around you (x2)
I had pictured you, next to your father
Just like Akber, Oh my Asgher