Virginia Coalition - Last Goodbye lyrics

Things have changed
You can feel
You know it's never gonna be the same
Paralyzed by the size
Of all the things that we did not intend
Say goodbye, it's alright
But am I ever gonna see you again
Measured words, taking turns
With all your silent answers

When you think things over
Are you leaving her to cry?
Born in New Jersey
You're riding through New Hampshire
Could this be our last goodbye
Strangers searching for '80s on the stereo
Kiss her and go and you were born to ride

She arrived, in the night
You are more beautiful than countryside
Paralyzed, by your eyes
I wanna be what you did not intend
Make me laugh
You're a bad ass
If you're arrested you can give me a call
All the times coincide
Like all the feelings in a tear with a smile


She devised, in the night
A magnificent plan deep inside
Something real, and so right
It'll take all of our friends to survive

In the end, will it mend
And will I be with her for years of my life?
Think too much, and it's gone
While the smell of her hair lingers on
Say goodbye, make it right
Spread her out lookin' deep in her eyes
What went on, in these days
Paint in words as wind to remind us


Born to ride
Strangers searching for '80s on the stereo
An' I f***ing love her and they were born to ride