Vinny Radio - Chapter (feat. Mac Miller & Dylan Reynolds) (Broke) (2013)

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Vinny Radio - Chapter (feat. Mac Miller & Dylan Reynolds) (Broke) lyrics

Annotate [Verse 1: Vinny Radio]
She was 19 I was 23
But boy she had some knowledge that she laid upon me
She fed me man-made drugs and digital love
Scriptures on Kindles reminisced on how simple it was
Time, it's moving at a slow course
But of course I forget, not I regret the main force of mine
Though my idols have betrayed me
But baby you make a sane me, now i know I'm acting crazy
But I need to make my brothers understand
Grip her by the hand,
Then we took the next tram (on our way home)
But they remain close-minded, almost blinded, not decided, and silenced that I can (stay long)
And home is all I ever know
Whatever treasures on that road
Are now a long way gone
But stay with her as a new man
Just know that world ain't gonna change, but you can

[Hook: Dylan Reynolds]

[Verse 2: Mac Miller]
I was 19 she was 23
But boy she had experience she laid upon me
She told me about these concepts that had me wide-eyed
So I took a long breath and opened my mind
She's so smart but so troubled
And who can you trust when an angel won't love you
The whole world in her fingertips
She could close her eyes and pretend she ain't missing anything except for these lies she been told for her whole life
She's so advanced
As soon as I met her these other bitches didn't stand a chance
She feeling like she can. but she just need a boost
Everybody make it easy for her, she just need the truth
She so hard headed, dreams is far fetched
It seems so impossible to see the progress
I just want to see her smile, get a new plan
Realize the world ain't gonna change but you can


[Verse 3: Vinny Radio]
Now do realize all the time you spend crying over this bitch
What do you expect
Look at me in the face boy
What do you expect the word to quit spinning, have a cigarette break and wait for you to grow some
Look son, theres chapters in life like a book
The last one's just ending
But your story ain't over