Vinnie Paz - Watch Yo Step lyrics

[Verse 1 - Vinnie Paz:]

My guns are bigger than a baby’s arm
With Agent Orange like I was raised in ‘Nam
The bullets stay inside your brain like it’s your favourite song
I don’t give a fuck who they hitting, they can graze your mom
I load the motherfucking clip in they like baby bombs
I see it as something beautiful when the metal fly
Around the way call me Lucifer, a hell of a guy
I’m a motherfucking veteran I’m telling you I’ll
Beat his head until there’s red in them I’m letting em die
City of brotherly thugs, the home of filthy living
You ain’t fucking around with Vinnie, Perce, and Guilty Simpson
Unless you wanna be the target that we dump the clip in
I do the shit during the day, I like the gun to glisten
You a backwards motherfucker you run the prison
You think that being locked with males in jail a fun position
You should kill yourself rapper and be stuck in the earth
To be honest ain’t no rapper that can fuck with you Perce


For the cats in the hood with a rep
Hustle through the AM when most men slept
In the waistline where the roscoe’s kept
I’m on the edge nigga watch your step

I’m on the edge nigga watch your step
We here to eat till there’s no food left
In the waistline where the roscoe’s kept
I’m on the edge nigga watch your step

[Verse 2 - Percee P:]

Fast or slow pace my flow lace tracks this cat’ll throw bass
And don’t waste steps and go chase broads to no place
Master streets, impress the freaks, pimps dressed for weeks
Hoes left to me I guess to cheat and test the sheets
Ripping shows from here to Britain yo I’m hitting hoes
Skipping those women that spliff and blow are not getting dough
First degree murder rhymes disturbing mind like urban lies
And ? words signs ? Percee P
Amateurs know they can’t stand with the bro
? cause damages most scandalous foes better handle it yo
I’m getting that ? till the whip in black
Spitting raps, hitting cats for kicking wack lyrics to bitten tracks
My interviews say I said a few lines to diminish crews
Some men’ll do shit like bending rules
Go for the kill I’ll still finish you
I’m so hot we gotta close shop, you know not to open your spot
While I patrol blocks you getting no rocks


[Verse 3 - Guilty Simpson:]

Guilty Simpson ? is beyond word descriptions
Rough verse inscriptions wrote by cutthroats
Smoke in the alley where the young cats bust toast
Pinching pennies to pay up his truck note
My various techniques compare with Jet Li
I’ll chop with an AK and kick when it’s pay day
Let’s see how many men must test me
Deadly with a pen, let the rest beware
Face down in the playground six feet deep
In the sandbox when my right hand cocks
Back on the hammer you rest in peace
I play on wack cats when I bless the beats
Like priests in the Vatican he rattletattled and
Sprayed up the vehicle your homeboy travelled in
Fuck the spots they brag about
We kick your front door way in and drag em out