Vinnie Paz - Unthinkable lyrics

"There's no time. NOOOO!"

[Verse 1 - Vinnie Paz:]

I start the war with the Villaparosa
I drank a cup of virgin blood and it spill on your sofa
I don't stop 'till the mothafuckin' killin' is over
They say that Pazienza godly, I build with Jehovah
You gettin' cut god, nice with the knife
And head cracked don't mean that I'm nice with the dice
The razor blade is still rusty but liable to slice
But Vinnie keep in underground like the rival of Christ
I'm a big mothafucker but the ox is fast
Morekee, Jason Vorhees, hockey mask
I'm in love with my 4/5th cock and blast
I'm in love with the quarts and fifths always smashed
Vinnie Paz and Big Lou on the propper path
Triple OG burglary with stockin' mask
Vinnie Paz and Big Lou on the propper path
Triple OG burglary with stockin' mask

[Verse 2 - Big Lou:]

Me I out model these niggas don't know we go Congo
Run up in they crib, bang 'em like some bongos
Since they wanna ball like they Rajon Rondo
Paz pistol whip that ass, three piece combo
I'm the bastard son of Ali Hondo
So I gotta son niggas, disrespect throw you off the Baratono
Or the Ben Franklyn Bridge, in front of your wife and kids
And then ask them if they want to move to my crib
I'm a legitimate, spit in your face ignorant
Mafia type syndicate with no birth certificate
Pushed a lot of ki's, but never played instruments
Got a lot of arms, I ain't talkin' 'bout ligaments
Got a lot of seeds, so my blood infinite
Hard to be impetant when bitches stay interested
Get rich or die tryin', that mean I'm gettin' it
Niggas like me and Vinnie Paz, livin' it

Yo Big Lou.
What up my Nigga?
What's the word bana?
Nothin' but fire nigga