Villebillies - Rolling Stone lyrics

(Chorus) (Demi) I'm a rolling stone, rolling along, trying to find my way, so many things to see so many places yet to be, and this rolling stone is far from home, no cash no clothes no where to go, and he's living day by day

(Demi) The world just keeps on turning, and the band still plays along, while the women just smile, as the boys get wild, dance around to the same ol' song, drinking whiskey out the bottle, lord forgive me I'm drunk again, so I'm a have another chase, then I leave this place guess I'll meet you in the end


(Tuck) Where I'm headed I don't know, with a pint of old crow, but either way it goes, I just know I'm on the road, see I'm a country city boy, where I end up I don't care, its hot up in the summer so I'm shaving my hair, now where its at it doesn't matter baby that's ok, just as long as liquor flows and them [email protected]#$%^ got blazed and these could be our last days, lets make em last, not to worry about the future reminisce in the past


(Bridge) (Demi-Dylan) Wasted, jaded, but on the road again, strayin just prayin to make it to the end, moving not choosing which way I wanna go but I'm still a rolling stone

(Dylan) It's a hickory tree that shivers is perched under, the cities that Ive seen became ambition to hunger, the bridge that I breached I had to conquer from under, and everthing everything else is just lovely, good time'n moonshinin but moods change, just a bunch of billie rednecks doin their damn thing, tryin to find a hole in the wall, a place to hide, with a guitar strapped to my back ready to ride