Vii Arcano - Down The Afterworld lyrics

[Music: MonTagnA, Lyrics : M.Scarpa]

Lost in the paleness of a missing day, memories drift away
Flirting with dust of an ego, time no longer plays...
Horizons are freezing to me
Life injections are what I bleed.
Escaping from the definitive breath
Of an existence now can't rest.
All colors now blind my eyes
Will my next hours be denied...

Vicious lunacy, looks addressed to a heep of ashes.
Definitives goodbyes...soaked in moments turned a blinding black out

Floating as a safety
The afterworld praises sanity...

Traces at my back show a double mirrored shape
And all that's left to touch is a blue cold frame

My senses so small, my future never to fall
Hiding from resting ...slave to nothing but all.

Screams without face that once were my race
Dying forever in a life that finally trace its place.

Turning to a safety
The afterworld is my sanity...

Still stinking of human, thoughts are oppressed.
Almost rejected... by nothingness I am possessed...