Vigilantes Of Love - Sick Of It All lyrics

Guess I should get up and cut the grass
Autumn is upon us summer breathing her last
Prices going higher and the factories are shutting down
My kids are getting hungry and friends are leaving town
Yes I'm a regular at a tavern in my neighborhood
Lately going down there more than I should
Dan rather used to tell me what was meant by it all
Now I just nurse a buzz and I stare at the wall
And I know I've cleaned my guns a lot this fall
But you know how it is when you get so
Sick of it all
Insurance ran out and we're not covered
My savings and loan she just went under
Lord I know i'm a sinner and I know I'm a fool
But how could an honest man pay up on these dues
gonna make for us a little place in the sun
Now I'm making little ones out of the big ones
History teacher told me once what I should hope in
Now it's this lock stock and barrel and the promises broken
I guess I should get up and go get the mail
Long since overdue bills creditors screaming for theirs
Sure takes a toll on a love carved in stone
I'm wondering how she'd do living alone