Vigilantes Of Love - Hip Train lyrics

Everybody loves me tonight
Everybody thinks this is pretty cool
Maybe pretty happening out of sight
Get on board the hip train
We all need our idolatry
We need to foster some illusion
Confusion fallacy fantasy
Everybody hated my guts yesterday
Woe is me I had gone and
Made the worst of all possible mistakes
I failed to get on board the hip train
I didn't sleep around I didn't do cocaine
Now I know why we've got pop culture
We all need to feel one up on the others
When the light goes down
On this seething little town
Truth lies face down
Everybody wants to be my friend
Except all of those who never ever were
Or ever even remotely might have been
You gotta get on board the hip train
Just fork over your deposit
Shed my skin and jump right in
To the emperor's clothes closet
Ain't no saint ain't no prophet
Ain't no angel ask my wife about it