Vigilantes Of Love - Dream Coat lyrics

Please rescue me by the banks of the river
Of sorrow before I go down
Please rescue me with a strong hand to deliver
From these waters of doubt lest I drown
It was just a dream coat I wear once in a blue moon
It's a bit large on my frame but I like the extra room
If you're cold there is room enough for two
And we'll dream together there me and you
Houdini took the sucker punch
Yeah just below the belt
It's where you're never ever looking
It's where you need to cry for help
Jumped into a river
Looking for a slight of hand
Yeah some folks swim their whole life through
To make it to dry land
You come into this world
The way you finally leave
You follow hard after the light
To see where it all leads
Looked into your face
Seen the wounds from where you bleed
If redemption is a kiss way
Well please save one for me