Victory - Love Is Tuff lyrics

I'm paralysed and broken hearted
I've never felt this way before
Good love is strange
- But once you've started
There's no way out
- You beg for more
When lightning strikes
- You're more than blinded
You're deaf and dumb
- Defences down
I'm suffering from emotionitis
Just not aware of sight or sound
Everybody says she's no good for me
How can I be saved
Now I'm in so deep

I'm hung up need the love drug
Can't get enough
I can't get enough
Of everybody she does

I hunger for the touch
I need so much

I'm hung up I need the love drug
Can't get enough
Let me lie to myself again
Love is tuff

What can I do but hit the bottle
An easy friend for a heart in pain
A hopeless fool in serious trouble
Not tough enough
For the toughest game