Victims Family - Product lyrics

I build a maze around myself
construct a force field
pay no attention
to the man behind the curtain
I wouldn't want you to think that I'm weak
can't let you see that I'm afraid
so instead i'm gonna put you down
so instead i'm gonna push you around.
I rule as the king
the reigning authority figure
everyone is a role model
in one way or another
a brilliantly shining example
of a right way or a wrong
but there seems no way to determine
what I have always known all along.
Cause I'm just a product
which gives me an excuse
to treat you like an object
for my rotten abuse
I'd rather turn it around
than watch my guts cave in
'cause self destruction is much too ...
A prisoner inside of my ego
I'll speak to you as a prophet
can't you see I'm lying?
but I can't even stop it
I must make an excellent impression
in order to get what I want
but I'm ever so bored and restless
from only doing as I was taught.
I'm just a product ...